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How to Ultimately Live in Your SMSF Property

For many Australians, the idea of using their super nest egg to buy property and one day live in it tax-free is an enticing prospect. A self-managed super fund (SMSF) provides that opportunity, but there are strict rules to navigate. Let’s explore how you can ultimately achieve the goal of moving into your SMSF home ...

by Soho
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The “Great American Dream Down Under”: Can Aussies Still Afford Homeownership in the US?

The recent price hike of certain US local housing markets made Aussies sceptical about the affordability of homes in the nation. However, even with the insane price of big metros, the prices are still attainable compared to the Australian market. US is the top choice for a dream home for many Aussies thanks to high-end ...

by Soho
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How The Real Estate Industry Can Leverage AI To Improve Operation and Efficiency

Real estate is an established industry that changes at a slower pace than some others . Most transactions are still handled by independent landlords and traditional brokers, despite real-estate investment trusts being major players in the space. Artificial intelligence can benefit any industry that relies on data – and real estate is no exception. Appraisals ...

by Soho
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Property Ownership
Fencing For Strata Properties: What You Need To Know

We all need a place to call home: our haven, our sanctuary, our palace of respite. Feeling safe and secure at home is an essential right that we all deserve, and there are a few ways we can achieve this. The most basic of these is fencing.  Fencing keeps us feeling safe inside while giving ...

by Soho
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