Where to Buy a First Home in Sydney

March 21, 2024

Key takeaways:

  • Merrylands, Mount Druitt, and St Marys are identified as affordable Sydney suburbs offering a good mix of amenities, community spirit, and growth prospects for first-time home buyers.
  • Key considerations for purchasing a first home in NSW include affordability, amenities, public transport access, community feel, and potential for future growth.
  • The article emphasizes the importance of exploring NSW government grants and incentives for first-time buyers and considering different property types for more affordable options.
  • Engaging with the local community, assessing the cost of living, and evaluating the infrastructure are crucial steps in finding a suburb that supports both your budget and lifestyle aspirations.

In the quest to own a slice of Sydney, first-time buyers often find themselves navigating a maze of high prices and competitive markets. So, where to buy a first home in Sydney?

In NSW’s capital city, there are still pockets where the dream of homeownership can become a reality without breaking the bank. This guide is your compass to finding those suburbs where value meets lifestyle, making your first home purchase a wise one.

Key Considerations for NSW First Home Buyers

Before we dive into the suburbs, let’s outline what makes a location worthy of your investment:

  • Affordability: Does the suburb fit your budget? We’re looking beyond the sticker price to the overall cost of living in Sydney.
  • Amenities: The quality of local schools, shops, parks, and healthcare facilities can significantly impact your life quality.
  • Public Transport: Good transport links are crucial for easy commutes and access to the city centre.
  • Community: A supportive and vibrant community can make any suburb feel like home.
  • Growth Prospects: We’re eyeing areas with potential for future growth, ensuring your investment has room to appreciate.

Best Affordable Suburbs in Sydney for Your Dream Home

Let’s explore some suburbs where your dollar stretches further, without sacrificing the joys of living in Sydney:


  • Median House Price: $1,195,000
  • Median Unit Price: $470,000

A suburb that balances affordability with a strong sense of community, Merrylands offers ample amenities and is well connected by public transport. Its parks and schools make it a family-friendly choice. Discover more about best Sydney suburbs for every lifestyle.

Mount Druitt

  • Median House Price: $900,000
  • Median Unit Price: $412,500

Known for its budget-friendly housing and community growth, Mount Druitt is on the rise. With solid transport links and an array of local amenities, it’s a suburb with promise for the future. Explore options for Sydney suburbs under $1 million.

St Marys

  • Median House Price: $849,000
  • Median Unit Price: $545,000

Offering a great mix of affordable housing, accessibility, and amenities, St Marys stands out as a suburb that provides value for money. It’s well-equipped for families and professionals alike.

Each of these suburbs has its unique charm and potential, catering to a range of preferences and needs. Remember, the right suburb for you balances affordability with the lifestyle you’re seeking.

Western Sydney

  • Blacktown median prices: $937,500 for houses to $493,000 for units
  • Parramatta median prices: $1,500,000 for houses to $615,000 for units

Compared to inner-city Sydney and the North Shore, housing prices (both houses and units) tend to be more affordable in Western Sydney. This makes it a viable option for first-home buyers or those on a budget.

Western Sydney is undergoing significant development, with infrastructure projects like the Western Sydney Airport and the Parramatta CBD facelift improving amenities and creating job opportunities.

Essential Advice on Buying Your First Home in NSW

As you embark on this exciting journey, keep these tips in mind:

  • Explore available government grants and incentives for first-time buyers in NSW.
  • Consider different property types, including units, for more affordable options.
  • Think long-term about your investment and the potential for your chosen suburb to grow.

Finding your first home in Sydney is about striking the right balance between affordability and livability. With the right research and a bit of patience, you’ll find a suburb that not only fits your budget but also feels like home.

Exploring Sydney’s Top Suburbs for First Home Owners

Having introduced some of Sydney’s hidden gems for first-time buyers, let’s explore what each suburb has to offer in terms of amenities, lifestyle, and why they’re worth considering as your new home base.


House for sale in Merrylands NSW

Standing out for its vibrant community spirit, Merrylands fosters strong local bonds through its annual Merrylands Festival, a celebration of diverse cultures with food stalls, live music, and family activities.

Families enjoy excellent schools like the well-regarded Merrylands East Public School and green spaces like Merrylands Park, featuring playgrounds, sports fields, and walking tracks ideal for leisure.

See more real estate for sale in Merrylands NSW.

Mount Druitt:

House for sale in Mt Druitt

Mount Druitt’s appeal lies in its budget-friendly housing market, currently boasting a median house price lower than the Sydney average. This suburb pulsates with a strong sense of community and development, evident in initiatives like the Mount Druitt Town Centre Revitalisation Project, aiming to create a vibrant town center.

The Sydney Science Park development further signifies the suburb’s commitment to growth. Mount Druitt fosters community spirit through groups like the Mount Druitt Community Garden, promoting sustainability and social connection.

See more real estate for sale in Mt Druitt NSW.

St Marys:

Apartment for sale in St Marys NSW

St Marys prides itself on its excellent transport links. The Sydney Metro with frequent services connects residents directly to Sydney’s CBD and other key areas. Major roads like the M4 motorway provide easy access to surrounding areas.

This commuter’s dream offers a blend of affordability and accessibility. Family-friendly amenities include the well-equipped St Marys Leagues Club, the local library, and the nearby Western Sydney University campus.

Child care options, family-oriented restaurants, and sporting facilities further solidify St Marys’ appeal for families.

Each of these suburbs offers a unique blend of affordability, amenities, and community spirit, making them ideal for first-time home buyers in Sydney.

See more real estate for sale in St Marys NSW.


House for sale in Blacktown NSW

Blacktown, located roughly 34 kilometers west of Sydney’s central business district, is a city within the City of Blacktown local government area.

Compared to inner-city Sydney, Blacktown offers more affordable housing options, making it attractive for first-time buyers or those on a budget.

Blacktown has a good selection of schools, parks, and family-oriented activities, making it a suitable place to raise children.

See more real estate for sale in Blacktown NSW.

Remember these before you go

Engaging with the NSW government’s home buyer assistance programs can provide valuable support in managing the upfront costs associated with purchasing a new property.

Whether it’s exploring suburbs in Western Sydney, evaluating property prices, or understanding the importance of infrastructure and proximity to the CBD, these considerations are key to making a wise investment.

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FAQs on Where to Buy First Home in Sydney

How to buy a house in Sydney for the first time?

Buying a house in Sydney for the first time involves approximately five key steps:

  1. Secure your financing.
  2. Hunt for and inspect potential homes.
  3. Make an offer on a property.
  4. Take care of the legal aspects, either through a solicitor or conveyancer.
  5. Negotiate the contract and pay a deposit.

Where is the best place to buy a first home in Australia?

For first-home buyers in Australia, Perth’s southeast has recently been flagged as the most attractive region. This is due to its combination of affordable housing, convenient access to transport, and a strong employment market.

What is the most affordable suburb to live in Sydney?

In Sydney, suburbs like Faulconbridge, Lurnea, Bradbury, and Minto are celebrated for their affordability. These areas are recognized for offering reasonable living costs without compromising on essential services and connectivity.

What is the best age to buy a house in Australia?

The ideal age for purchasing your first home in Australia is subjective and depends on personal circumstances, including job stability, financial readiness, and lifestyle goals. While the trend shows many Australians buying homes in their mid to late 30s, the right time varies from person to person.

What salary do you need to buy a house in Sydney?

To afford a house in Sydney, an average household income of around $261,773 is necessary for purchasing an average priced house, while a minimum of $148,600 is needed for an average priced unit. This calculation is based on a 6.24 percent variable home loan rate and a 20 percent deposit.

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