What To Look For When Renting A House: Expert Tips

May 26, 2023
what to look for when renting a house

Key takeaways:

    • Renting can be a measure to save money while you build up your savings account, however, if not done cautiously it can become expensive.

    • Some tips to help you choose your rental property include considering the location and your budget.

    • Additionally, you should inspect the house you wish to move into before signing your lease, and it helps to talk to other residents in the area.

Have you been wondering about what to look for when renting a house? You are not alone Renting a home in Australia comes with several advantages, particularly for young people. Not only do you get a taste of independence, but you also learn what to look for in a potential new home. 

You get some valuable insight into the housing industry and how it functions. Before you rent, however, it’s important to keep certain considerations in mind. 

A home, whether owned or rented should provide shelter as well as comfort to you. So, here is a short checklist of what to look for when renting a house before you get into your tenancy agreement.

What to look for when renting a house: Tips to help you find the right house to rent

Consider these things when trying to find a rental:

Think of the location

The first factor to think of is where the house is situated and it is not only for safety reasons. If you have to commute to work daily, think of the route and length of the journey. 

Consider nearby public transport options. If you are moving in with family, you need to prioritise their needs as well. Research locations of nearby schools, hospitals or clinics, parks, malls, and recreational centres. 

These may ultimately make the difference between a deal breaker and a great deal. 

what to look for when renting a house

Consider the size

The next step is to consider what requirements you need the house to fulfil. There are different kinds of houses, from starter homes to duplexes, however, neither will be the right fit if you don’t consider what you are looking for in a home. 

Some renters, like college students, prefer smaller homes that are easy to maintain, close to a university, and come with enough room to rent with their peers. 

However, families typically require more space inside the house. Additionally, a lot of families like to go for houses with additional features such as garage space or enough storage. 

Therefore, when you look for your new home, size does matter. If you prioritise parking spaces, make sure you enquire about car parking. 

what to look for when renting a house

Look at the price, and measure it against your budget

Another important consideration in what to look for when renting a house is the price tag. Renting is an option for both short-term and long-term stays, and while you may have a set budget, rent is not constant. 

It is affected by several external factors, including size, design, location, as well as the economy. Therefore, having a flexible budget may help you navigate the market for the right house. 

Of course, it is best to discuss this with a realtor or real estate agent who has more insight into the housing industry and can help you find a place that is in line with your current financial standing.

Inspect the house carefully 

Most people don’t know how to rent a home correctly. So another tip on what to look for when renting a house is to look through the rental property closely. 

Take a few walks around the house you hope to rent, taking note of any defects, malfunctioning facilities, or damaged fixtures. Some of the crucial rooms to look into closely are the bathroom and the kitchen (for instance, is gas cooking permissible or plausible). 

Prospective tenants should check for smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, power points, leaky faucets, jammed windows or entryways, and holes. Inform your housing agent or your landlord of these issues before you move in. 

This absolves you of any issues found with the property before you officially move in as a tenant. For extra caution, you can have a rental inspection report filed, calling in a professional to do the assessment.

what to look for when renting a house

Talk to other people

It helps to talk to people who have lived in the area before you move into a new house for a few reasons. Having someone you know in a new place is great, and they also offer unique insight into the area because they generally notice more than housing agents do. 

In some areas where the houses are represented by the same agency, you can discuss with other tenants their experience in the neighbourhood and with the landlord or landlady, such as responsiveness and assistance in times of emergencies

Here are some questions to ask real estate agent when renting if you don’t know where to start. It also helps to get in touch with the previous tenant to get more insight into their own experience living in the house you wish to rent.

People also ask

Is rent paid monthly in Australia?

Yes, in most cases, rent is paid monthly. However, in some areas, lessors may require you to pay weekly. Additionally, some may agree to annual, or quarter-yearly payments. 

However, this requires openly communicating with your property owner, as in some cases, rent is increased over the year to accommodate for inflation and other external factors.

Can I rent a house in Australia as a foreigner?

Yes, it is possible to rent in Australia even if you aren’t Australian. There may be more documents (such as passports, visas, university acceptance, employment letters, etc) required and paperwork to fill in along with the rental contract, but it is possible for international students, holidayers, and expatriates. 

However, it is best to do some research on the province you’ll be staying in as well as government policies on both long and short stays as a foreigner. 

How much is a rental property in Australia?

Rent charges are affected by several factors including the size of the property, its location, and its additional features (like parking space or safety equipment). 

Additionally, some housing is made cheaper to accommodate certain groups of people, like international college students. 

Therefore, other rental properties like a residential area in the suburbs of Melbourne will charge higher rent than student rental properties (like a student apartment or rental unit) in a cosmopolitan region in Brisbane.

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