How to Create Your Own Outdoor Bathroom

January 3, 2021
outdoor bathroom bathtub with view

Doesn’t an outdoor bathroom instantly give you a resort feel? Well, with our guide, you’ll learn to create one of your own.

Like other areas of the home that have been brought outside, like the kitchen, living and dining areas, bathrooms are following suit.

An outdoor bathroom gives a feeling of peace and relaxation, allowing you that extra bit of time to enjoy nature. You get some self-care in while washing up, and make it all the more special with surrounding plants and outside air. Something to be enjoyed all year round.

Bathing outdoors becomes that much more personal, with retreat of your very own.

An outdoor bathroom is a great addition if you often entertain visitors outside. Depending on your approach, it’s also an excellent avenue to reduce your carbon footprint at home.

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Showers designs are versatile

outdoor bathroom

Imagine having an outdoor bathroom to rinse off in after being in the pool or working in the garden? It becomes that much easier to get clean without having to tiptoe through the house!

It also gives that luxurious feeling of being in the great outdoors and indoors at the same time. If blending the external and internal at home is something you like to do, then this would totally work for you.

Another advantage of an outdoor shower is you won’t need too much space. You just need high walls, a shower head and a good drainage system. So it works even with limited space.

If you want a little more privacy, you can also install an enclosure. Start by adding in folding glass shutters or tall screening plants to hide you a little more. We recommend smooth, natural material for any screenings to enhance the natural environment and also prevent any injury while you’re unprotected.

Outdoor shower materials

outdoor bathroom shower head

Before you create an outdoor shower, there are a few things that the room needs. Firstly, the floor of the shower area should be a material that can be wet or damp for a long period of time.

Treated timber

Many prefer treated timber for this—it has a nice grip on the feet to prevent slipping, and it also has small gaps in between to allow drainage.


Another option is pavers. Just try and get those that are slip-resistant with a matte finish. This material really creates that indoor bathroom feel while being outdoors.

Porous stone

Porous stone also works, as long as it can be exposed to the sun so it can dry properly.

An important factor to think of is what flooring will be covering the rest of the outdoor bathroom. If you choose polished or honed for the main flooring, your shower area and the rest of the outdoor area will have to be separated—if not, water might accidentally spread to the main area and become very slippery.

Spas and bathtubs

outdoor bathroom

Spas and hot tubs have become very popular in outdoor rooms and often go hand in hand with swimming pools. However, if you’re looking to create a more “bathroom” atmosphere in your outdoor room, why not install an outdoor hot tub instead?

Just picture soaking in your outdoor bathtub totally immersed in nature, with nothing but the stars above you. You can even be real smart with positioning, so you get the best possible views when you’re sitting in the outdoor bath.

Contrary to showers, which are usually quicker, baths evoke more indulgence. You can soak in a clawfoot tub for hours, and have it become your outdoor oasis. Do you know why this is?

The water is very still in contrast to the environment around you which is probably moving with the wind. You can add warm lighting, incense and scented candles to create your own spa retreat.

Take it a step further and really indulge with rose or frangipani petals sprinkled into the outdoor bathtub.

Often, people opt for a free-standing outdoor tub which becomes the focal point of the room.

Free-standing tubs are naturally stylish and minimalistic, so picking one that can go well with your aesthetic preferences will be a breeze.

One of the popular choices for a free-standing tub is a wood fired hot tub, which is powered by a wood-burning stove. It’s usually made from cedar wood and available in a barrel or rectangular shape. One of the best things about a wood-fired tub is that it can last for a long time, especially if it’s well-maintained. Since it’s made from wood, it can match any outdoor theme or style. 

Moreover, a wood-fired tub is much more affordable than other types, such as acrylic spas. If you choose a DIY approach to the installation, you can save up to approximately 30% of the total cost with a good-quality wooden tub.  

Built-in tubs/spas can blend in with the natural surroundings, too, owing to their seamless look. And they’re customisable—you have an almost-free rein in the choice of materials and overall design. The only tradeoff is they can be more expensive since they’re harder to install and maintain.

Get creative with your shower design

outdoor bathroom bathtub

You can have a semi-open room with motorised opening roof and walls, or a huge gas-lift window, or a pavillion or pergola canopy with open sides to let the garden come closer.

Build a bathroom that is open to the sky but surrounded by solid courtyard walls or sectioned walls that can be opened further, with sliding screens or louvres closed for privacy when needed or pushed back to enjoy a view.

Bathroom fittings that are enormous can appear finest in an outdoor bathroom because it is a greater space than its indoor equivalent.

Free-standing baths quickly give an outdoor bathroom a luxury, resort-style feel; a huge, free-standing bath, whether made of acrylic or stone, is a terrific focal point. Just remember to take the weight into account.

Keep your outdoor shower private

outdoor bathroom
  • When it comes to outdoor bathrooms, privacy is crucial because the pleasure of showering or bathing outside can only be enjoyed if you are relaxed and at ease.
  • You can enjoy your outdoor bathroom without stepping outside your comfort zone with the correct design considerations and screening from plants and structures.
  • A green shower screen may be the best option for seclusion and completely appreciating your natural surroundings. Choose plants that thrive in moist environments, such as water-loving plants, and enjoy the lush greenery as you shower. A dense bamboo grove can also be used to create a privacy screen in an outdoor bathing area.
  • An outdoor bathing facility, whether a shower, a bath, or both, adds value to your outdoor room by allowing you to have a more personal and intimate relationship with it. They help us appreciate our outdoor rooms in a more personal way by reinforcing the idea of outdoor space as an extension of our houses.

Outdoor bathroom design tips

  • Make sure the pavers you choose for your outdoor bathroom have a matte finish and are slip-resistant.
  • Consider using folding glass shutters or a mass of upright screening plants to create a more enclosed feeling while showering.
  • Position the bath to take in the view if your outdoor room has one, increasing the outdoor bathing experience.
  • Think of what your outdoor tub will be like when you’re not using it. How do you want to place it to work with your lifestyle?
  • Keep in mind what distant neighbours might see. If there are buildings around you, look out for second floor views. The walls you build should shield you and give you full privacy.

The practicalities of an outdoor shower

outdoor bathroom shower head

Because water must go somewhere, choose a location with a small inclination. Installing drainage tiles beneath the flooring is another solution.

  • If water lines have been run, prepare for the winter. To avoid frozen pipes, instal interior cut-off valves and drain locks.
  • Bricks provide a solid foundation for a permanent installation. Smooth river rocks, as well as a deck-type footing, function well.
  • Match the building materials to the exterior of your property. Also, make sure to coordinate with any surrounding outdoor constructions.
  • During an eight-minute shower, a AAA-rated rose uses 52 litres less water than a standard shower head.

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