Unlucky Items to Have in Your Household

February 28, 2021
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Are there strange things happening around your house this Halloween? If it’s not the ghosts of the departed wreaking havoc, it could be some of the unsuspecting everyday items you have in your house that are bringing you misfortune.

Here are some of the most unlucky things to have in your home, according to folk law and common superstitions.

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Broken household items

While there are lots of broken things that can bring you bad luck, a broken clock is one item you’ll want to throw away. This is especially the case if it still chimes – superstition says this can bring death to your family.

Similarly, broken or chipped dishes should be thrown away (plates, bowls, mugs etc.) as these items are said to welcome trouble and failure into your life.

A black door

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While coloured doors will win you some style points, you’ll want to avoid a black one at all costs. According to feng shui principles this will invite bad luck into your home.

A bed facing the doorway

If possible, keep the foot of your bed positioned away from the doorway. In feng shui this is called the coffin position as it’s symbolic of how the dead are carried from their homes through open doors. This placement is said to invite death to you in your sleep.


Some cultures believe that mirrors can capture and steal your soul. This is why Victorians used to cover mirrors when someone in the home died, so their spirits wouldn’t get trapped inside.

If you’re not up for having a home without mirrors (you don’t want to go out with those poppy seeds in your teeth, after all), try to avoid cracked mirrors and follow feng shui practice of using them to reflect something positive in your home, as this magnifies energy.

An old calendar 

As a calendar represents the passing of time, an old calendar or a calendar displaying a month already passed could cut the occupant’s life short.

Separate entry and exit doors

It’s bad luck to exit your house from a door different to the one you used to enter it, so pick a door and stick to it. It’s also bad luck to have a house with aligned front and back doors, as according to feng shui this allows positive energy to flow straight out of your home.

An empty rocking chair

An empty rocking chair is said to invite dark forces to come and sit in it. Bad news if you catch it rocking on its own – this apparently means it’s already occupied and will bring death and bad luck.

Opening an umbrella inside

A classic superstition; opening an umbrella while inside is said to insult a home’s metaphysical protectors.

Sweeping a new house with an old broom

When you move to a new home, buy a new broom and leave your old one behind. Using an old broom to sweep a new home with bring any negativity from your old house and sweep away any good luck from the new place.

Putting your shoes on the table

It was an old tradition that when a coal miner died, his shoes were placed on the table as a sign of respect. Doing this if you’re not dead is seen as tempting fate and inviting death.

Cacti and spiky plants

Plants with spikes and exposed thorns (roses excepted) can bring negative energy into a home according to feng shui practices. Also throw out any dead plants as this can also bring bad luck. Maybe try one of these air purifying plants instead.

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