Soho Property Chat – Are HDB properties good investment ft. Dulcie

May 22, 2019

Are you considering a HDB or BTO for investment? Find out why this is no longer a money-making investment tool.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

So I wouldn't consider HDB as an investment.
I would really consider them as just a starter,
you know,
just like a subsidised flats
for us the younger generation to be able to start off from a small house.
I think it goes back to expectations.
A lot of people when they buy HDB
if their expectations are that in 10 years, price of my HDB will double,
I think that's where they will be disappointed.
We hear stories of like our parents, they bought HDB last time in Ang Mo Kio,
maybe a hundred thousand, now worth five hundred thousand, correct,
so it's 5 times but I think in this current market we have to understand that HDB is no
longer an investment vehicle. Like I say it is meant to subsidise
for those who really just started out, getting married and all that.
but of course,
it can be potential for the young couples to earn some money.
Like I say if the location is good,
The HDB is next the MRT,
of course,
there's no problem that
you can ask for slightly higher prices.
Of course,
you definitely can earn something at least maybe fifty thousand.
I'll guess.
Yeah and Punggol is also quite popular right now.
We do have a lot of flats that just passed the fifth year mark,
and they are selling.
Of course,
way higher than the average market transactions these days.
Some people say that buy BTO, buy HDB won't go wrong, won't lose money.
l would say it's not a money-making investment tool any more. BTO is good
but of course you need to get the good location and you need to get the best facing.
Like I said,
you know today's market right now people have a lot of choices.
They are spoilt for choices,
so I guess if you are just thinking that know buying a BTO you can actually
make money I would say maybe just put that aside
and think for the long term maybe BTO as your you know,
your main house, your main home and then you can just buy a small condo to invest.
I think that's quite a common route, or plan for a lot of young couples.
So buy a BTO first,
at least secure a roof over your head,
Yeah, correct.
and then at least when you are comfortable enough,
you can leap into a private property investment.
If you need to unlock funds from your HDB or BTO, sell it and then go and upgrade.
definitely I think it is always like in life,
you know,
you start small, firstly without a car and then now you have a car, maybe just a mid-range car.
And then now you have the expensive car.
So I guess I mean Singapore's system is very good
because I don't think you can find another country that really provides subsidised housing
for the young ones to especially start off with a family.
If you look at Hong Kong you look at other countries,
there's none.
There's no such things as subsidies
for the young ones to start off in their career and also in their family planning,
so I guess we need to be grateful to the Singapore government
for having such plan for us, subsidised flat.
So that it is affordable for us to purchase.
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