Signs You Nearly Have a Sale Over the Line

March 16, 2018
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It’s a well-known fact that buyers will do their best to keep their emotions hidden and their excitement capped when speaking with an agent about a potential property purchase.

As an agent it’s important to understand this behaviour and not be discouraged.

There are often more signs on show from the potential buyers than may be immediately obvious, so being aware of what to look for may help you define the serious buyers from the ones who are still very much on the fence.

Buyer’s body language

One key area is a buyer’s body language. It’s often done subconsciously and is one of the hardest things for a buyer to hide.

As an agent you can use the buyer’s body language to gauge their level of interest and plan your interactions with that buyer accordingly.

For example, signs of excitement such as increased breathing pace and flushed skin may be a giveaway that they’re invested in the property and are thinking about making an offer.

A person who is showing these signs should be top of the list for call backs.

You could also invite them to a one on one viewing of the property in order to engage in a more personal conversation with them about the property.

Verbal signals

Verbal signals can also provide you with important clues as to how interested the buyer actually is.

This could include things like making positive noises or generally positive conversation, and using words like ‘yes’ and ‘right’ within the conversation.

These clues won’t necessarily be responses to obvious questions like ‘so do you think you may want to buy this house? If only it were that easy!

They’ll more likely be used in general conversation so it’s important to keep an ear out for these subtle signs.

Discussing timeframes

More obvious verbal clues may be found when the interested buyer starts discussing timeframes, money or even questions about how certain things in the house operate.

Although this is subtler from the buyer, it indicates they are trying to imagine themselves living there and using the item in the house.

Check-in on potential buyers

Check in on potential buyers as they move through the house during an inspection.

Not in a way that will make them feel uncomfortable of course, but enough so that you can observe some clues about their level of interest in the things they are doing.

Buyers who are actively reading the material that you gave them on the property in detail will often have a higher level of interest.

Taking measurements

Taking measurements of the house is another clear indicator that they are trying to see if their life fits into the space- these buyers are very interested.

Bringing others to view property

And of course, the obvious sign you may nearly have a sale over the line is buyers bringing others to view the property.

Looking for confirmation on their decision, especially in large purchases like property often means that they have made the decision to make an offer and just want it confirmed by the people in their lives whose opinions they value.

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