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June 3, 2019
Real Estate Agency interview

The real estate industry is fast-paced and competitive so it’s important to have a stellar resume. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, your resume will act as a first impression for prospective employers.

Before we delve into the key features of a perfect resume, it’s important to note the differences between a Real Estate Agent and a Property Manager.

A Real Estate Agent is responsible for arranging the buying and selling of a property. This involves promoting properties via listings, open houses and digital marketing, and liaising between the buyer and seller during negotiations.

A Property Manager is responsible for the leasing and maintaining of a rental property and ensuring tenants are satisfied on behalf of the homeowner.

Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager, having a well-prepared resume could mean the difference between securing the interview and being instantly overlooked.

To help you land your dream job, here are five key features you should include in your real estate resume:

1. Education and qualification

The first step to securing an interview is showing the Recruiters you have the education and training required for the role.

To become a Real Estate Agent in Australia, you need a real estate certificate or license, so it’s important to highlight this in your application. If you don’t have this certificate, state that you’re willing to obtain it for the job.

2. Industry experience

Having adequate experience is just as important as your qualifications. A lot of Recruiters will want to see industry experience so remember to showcase your past employment.

If you have a wealth of experience and are seeking a higher position like a managerial role include details such past sale statistics and emphasise your ability to produce real results. Performance data will demonstrate your ability and worth.

3. Awards

If you’ve received any awards or scholarships relating to the real estate industry flaunt them. Recruiters will want to know you’re capable of securing sales and showcasing industry recognition will position you as an established, award-winning professional.

Prospective employers will take notice of resumes that showcase this kind of dedication and ambition.

If you’re a young worker looking to make a start in real estate, you could include educational recognition such as high distinctions or consistency awards to showcase your worth ethic.

4. Personal achievements

Along with industry recognition, include any personal achievements you have accomplished in recent years. This could be as simple as volunteering in your spare time or coaching a local sports team. Working in real estate requires a combination of communication, social and leadership skills.

Showing you have an enthusiastic attitude, are able to take charge and enjoy being an active community member will appeal to Recruiters looking for the perfect candidate.

5. Personality

Don’t forget to add a bit of personality to your real estate resume. Recruiters are likely to receive multiple applications a day so try to make it as exciting and engaging as possible.

Whether it be a unique design or engaging graphics to showcase your skill set, add your own flair and show employers you are an asset to the business.

Consider what sets you apart from other candidates and embrace it. Regardless of experience and qualifications, employers will often consider the candidate they believe will work well with their team.

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