Proptech Carpool – Whats the Best Time to Buy Real Estate? ft. Paul Davies

May 29, 2019

Paul Davies, CEO of One Agency shares his insights on buying and selling opportunities in 2019.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Let's say I'm a buyer. I'm interested in purchasing some real estate 2019.
I guess what are the opportunities that you see for buyers?
I mean in your in your marketplace anyway, yeah sure.
Oh well, look, obviously the markets come off.
So there's there's opportunities
for buyers while sellers are finding it more difficult to sell their properties
and that creates opportunities for buyers good opportunities.
People say what's the best time to buy? it's an obvious question
and people think that agents typically know this
but no one rings a bell at the bottom or the top of the market or a good time.
No one knows what's coming up. Yeah.
So I say to people in general look, if you require a property
and you're able to afford that property it's within your budget
that's not going to stress you if things go down
because eventually it will come good again,
then you should move forward. For sellers,
it's a difficult market obviously,
but, there are less properties on the market
because it's not an ideal time to sell
and that can create opportunity for sellers with less availability.
If they're, if they're trading up for instance,
there's advantages there because
what they have to pay, look it's the differential between
what they sell for what they have to buy.
That is the that's that's the important fact.
It's not actually the price of each what they sell for what they buy.
It's the differential between the two. Yep.
So if they can manage that and in a lot of cases
it's less than it would have been. Yeah, that's a good thing.
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