Real Estate Licensing in Australia – What You Need to Know

February 23, 2023
Real estate licensing in Australia

Key takeaways:

  • Your real estate license only covers the areas within the territory. Hence, if you move or want to work elsewhere, you must apply for another licence.
  • Always choose nationally-recognised training providers. You can take the course online or in a classroom setting.
  • After getting a licence, NSW agents must contribute to the Property Services Compensation Fund every year to maintain the licence.

Do you want to become a real estate agent in Australia to start giving your career a boost? You can deal with clients by starting your agency and also work with other brokers. 

However, the real estate industry requires a licensed real estate agent. Thus, if you want to get a career out of it, get a real estate licence and start property management.

This guide contains all the steps you must follow to make the most of real estate opportunities and acquire your real estate agent licence.

When is a real estate agent licence required?

There are several regulations when it comes to real estate in Australia. If you are one of the people who fall in the following categories below then you must have a real estate agent licence. With a licence, you can practise legally and with confidence. 

Real estate licensing in Australia
  •     You run a real estate business.
  •     You work for a real estate agency.
  •     You are an agent’s representative.
  •     You work as an individual real estate seller.

How do I become a real estate agent in Australia?

To start with agency management in the Australian capital territory, you must pass the following key stages

Work experience

A person’s work experience speaks for itself and is considered a priority when choosing between candidates. Thus, if you have not previously worked with a real estate agency or a private broker you may find one. This will help prove your potential and interest in the real estate industry.

Knowledge about real estate licensing in Australia

Secondly, you should have enough knowledge of how real estate agents work in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). When you apply for a licence, you will be asked several questions during the interview process

Real estate licensing in Australia

Thus, knowing how things work in the real estate institute would help you clear that part fast.

Find your area of interest

Discovering what interests you is an essential part of getting a licence successfully. Real estate is a large area that includes several sub-fields of administrator, property manager, and sales. 

  • Property Management: A property manager is responsible for inspections, attending meetings, and monitoring the applications of different tenants.
  • Administration: An administrator’s job is greeting and keeping up with clients and keeping track of messages and emails. Moreover, he is also responsible for documents and their management.
  • Sales: Most of the responsibilities come with a sales representative. It includes convincing clients, negotiation, and marketing. Moreover, some agencies will require additional jobs like maintaining a database, exchanging contracts, and doing property analysis.

Eligibility requirements

We have broken down the requirements for all parts that come under real estate agent licensing in Australia.

Real estate licensing in Australia

You must reach the minimum age requirement. In Australia, you have to be 18 years old and above.

There are a few verification documents like a national police certificate and other qualification documents that must be attached to your application upon submission. 

Australian capital territory (ACT)

To apply for the ACT, the requirements start with over 24 months of minimum experience. A verified certificate from the Australian federal police is mandatory. 

Also, you should have the course completed through the Real Estate Institute.

You have to undergo courses and training to be qualified for a licence: 

  • For NSW, you must complete the CPP41419 or Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.
  • For Queensland, you must undergo the Property Services Training Package of CPP07.
  • South, West, and Northern Territories require a Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) or CPP50307.
  • Lastly, in Victoria, you must complete a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) or CPP403047.

You need a diploma in Property Agency Management when applying for a real estate licence in Australia. Moreover, basic knowledge about property services is a must. 

Additionally, you should also have a prior two years or more of experience working for an agency. 

For those who choose NSW as their area, you first have to work as an assistant agent for real estate firms. Moreover, you need experience in sales and leasing for at least a year before you can qualify for licensing.

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