Proptech Carpool – Why Invest in Ryde? ft. Stefon Bertram

July 2, 2019
If you’ve been thinking about Ryde recently, watch this clip to hear Stefon Bertram from McGrath Real Estate talk more about why Ryde is such a great place to invest! ⁠

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Stefon Bertram thanks for joining Proptech Carpool with Soho.
No worries, thanks for having me. You've been in Ryde for many years.
That's what's the the big attraction for investors wanting to buy property in Ryde?
Why do so many people come to this area?
Well, I think that's the thing, the reason why investors like it
is because it is a balanced area, it’s not just investors.
I see there's a huge balance between families and investors and in recent times
probably more more families, which is a good balanced market
and you're not going to be driven or exposed to one style of buyer.
So just touching on families you are saying there's quite a few more
owner occupies coming back into the market?
Is that that what you're seeing and how do you see that playing out?
Absolutely. So I think you know, most of Sydney has had a bit of a
correction, Ryde has had a definite correction,
and I think that's probably a lot of the investor money coming out
and that's just opened the door
for the family buyers to come back into the market, find that right house in the right street,
and they're getting a second chance.
What's happened recently
is because there is less stock on the market given the negative press in the marketplace,
We have seen probably 20% less houses on the market therefore
some really good families coming back, in it's actually made a window of time
we are starting to see some green shoots come up and some good activity.
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