Proptech Carpool – Proptech with John Cunningham

July 3, 2019
CEO of Cunninghams Real Estate, John Cunningham shares his insights on the evolution of Property Technology and how its role in the industry is becoming more prominent.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

How do you see the evolving role of technology in real estate?
There has been a number of conversations going on.
What's your views? Yeah. Look, I'm really excited by technology in real estate.
I mean the reality of disruption, I heard this great quote recently that
education is the inoculation against disruption, across
and that wasn't just real estate.
That was yeah that was anything
so the better prepared you are to provide
what your consumers need the less likely you are to be disrupted.
Yeah. So therefore yes educate yourself do that get get ahead of the game rather
than be constantly catching up to what's ahead of you.
So I think yeah looking forward into technology's role in that.
It's an enabler. Yeah. It's an incredible enabler, it enables us to actually do
so much more if we embrace it, and we've got a full-time digital specialist.
now that's just boosted our digital footprint in a massive way.
Domain probably won't like me saying this
but we're now getting as much traffic to our website as we are getting from the Domain.
Lets take a different view of the world, beyond that
though the amount of apps and enabling technology both from a property management
and the sales perspective is absolutely massive
and it's not going anywhere other than more
and more and more, having said that there's also a whole lot of things that are
coming out that think people think you're going to disrupt
what we do.
Yeah, and they will if if we actually don't lift our game
because the reality is most people in this environment want to
deal with someone on a person to person basis,
but the level of service and expertise that we as an industry as a whole has provided
has been pretty average. So therefore they look for alternatives.
Yeah. So the idea is that you want your want your business to be not an alternative
but the solution to all those things, they are actually going
through a highly stressed environment, no matter
what part of the transaction they're involved in and they're looking for advice.
They're looking for people to give them a lot of advice that will make a difference.
They're looking for advice that is relevant
local and current to their particular needs and they actually want that, in the absence of that
they go elsewhere. Yeah. So therefore we look at them
what experiences we provide, are we providing experiences that actually do
make a difference, are outstanding that are above expectations
or are we just providing the basic that anyone else can provide?
Yeah, and then it's about results, the results is not bragging about how much you got over reserve
or whats the street or suburb or block record?
That's just such a load of crap. Yeah people don't care.
They actually want to know, understand how you made them feel
what that experience was like
and the result is a by-product of that
and the better results are where you actually had your vendor
and your buyers are tuned to the actual market and you were able to optimize that outcome.
Yeah, and it's not about the result.
It's about how everyone felt, buyers, sellers people who came to open homes people you
met in the street that you're constantly in the market
as an agent and therefore that concept of human experiences opposed to CX
which is customer experience, to me is a great concept
because we are in the market constantly meeting people all the time
what experiences and what impressions are we leaving on those people?
That's our marketplace? Yeah,
and the fact that we are exposed at open homes on a regular basis to a massive amount of people
what experiences are be providing people at those or are we just going through the motions?
That's our opportunity to shine, in addition to
what our digital footprint is and what our communication strategies are about.
So that's to me where technology will make that so much more better experience.
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