Proptech Carpool – Vendor & Buyer Opportunities is Mosman ft. Claudia Portale

November 8, 2019
Claudia Portale from McGrath shares her advice for vendors and buyers active in the Mosman market in today’s Soho Carpool episode
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The trick is we're used to this these days, you know,
most people out there would use deliveroo, or ubereats
or Uber.
How quick these days can we get a car
to take us to the airport or a burger delivered to our house?
Our expectations have changed dramatically
and social media is the same.
So if you want to cut it big
you've got to have that instant response to people
as quickly as you possibly can.
So tip would be engage with your audience.
Don’t just hope that someone's going to DM you and say
'Hey, I really like this’
Right? And then you don't get back to them for two days.
No good. You're going to crash and burn.
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