Proptech Carpool – Tips on Marketing Your Property ft. Peter Pokorny

August 26, 2019
On today’s Soho Carpool episode, Peter Pokorny from McGrath explains how to market your property to get the best outcome for vendors.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

I guess, Peter, as a vendor,
how do I market my property to get the best kind of outcome? - In terms of
marketing your property in the current market,
I think it's important to understand
What we now take into consideration more, than say, 12 months, 18 months ago
Is managing the time the properties on the market
Because days on market can definitely string out pretty quickly.
-And we're seeing that more
And more, where properties are then moving on to second
And sometimes even third agents to achieve the sale.
So making sure that your property sales campaign has got a
strategy there in place on how to manage time on the
market, and ultimately whether it's a good market, bad market
or indifferent, your peak time on market is typically 28 days or less.
So we want to know, how’re we running a campaign that's going to deliver the result within that time
And in conjunction with that, is your marketing campaign. Make sure that their marketing
Campaign isn't cutting corners to try and save a few dollars up front
Because often it's actually costing you more in the long run
Because you're not getting that engagement from buyers,
You're not getting enough people through the front door, you're not
then getting the opportunities to create some competition
And potentially push the price up to a level that you're at least happy
with, so have a good comprehensive campaign
that's focused on achieving maximum interest and engagement with buyers.
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