Proptech Carpool – Dee Why Market Wrap ft. Lisa Novak

August 23, 2019

On today’s Soho Carpool episode, Lisa Novak from Novak Properties gives us her market wrap for #DeeWhy and talks about what’s happening in the marketplace right now.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Do you have any advice to vendor at the moment wanting to come to market?
Is it a good time to sell?
Awesome time.
So we're based in the Northern Beaches
collectively across the Northern Beaches we're sitting at about
600 odd properties on the market.
Stock levels usually are sitting at about 1,100-1,200
so we're really low on stock.
So there's this beautiful little sweet spot now
before everyone comes on the market for Spring.
I don't know why everyone waits for the warmer weather.
I mean it’s a beautiful day today
I know, it’s a gorgeous day.
But the weather and the property market are just world’s apart.
But it's a great time to come on the market.
Awesome time.
And it gets bit of a market wrap, last 30 days.
How have you seen the, I guess the Dee Why
and maybe surrounding suburbs kind of play out?
Yeah. So Northern beaches has undergone a massive transition.
We've had the Northern Beaches Hospital with
or transformation I should say
we've had the building of the Northern Beaches Hospital
the introduction of the B-Line buses
commuting people in and out to the CBD
and some big developments like Meriton
and Osprey and The Carlyle
Lots of big change of face.
Lots of buyers out and about in the marketplace that's for sure
and not enough secondhand stock.
All the new stock is now all sold down.
So there's not really very much left.
And so there's a mad dash to the gates for more stock.
Lots of buyers out.
Let’s say I’m a buyer or a seller
how do I get in contact with you?
Social media what do you mean?
It’s got to be social media.
So Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, mobile.
I'm crazy.
I run it a furious speed. I'm literally available 24/7.
Lisa Novak. Thank you so much for joining the Carpool series with Soho.
Thank you. See you guys.
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