Proptech Carpool – Why is Tennyson Point so Sought After? ft. John Paranchi

October 28, 2019
John Paranchi from McGrath returns to the series to share with us why Tennyson Point is such a great place to be.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

John, Tennyson Point, highly sought-after suburb.
Yeah, how is that one playing out how is that market? Tennyson Point
sits in between Gladesville and and Putney.
It's situated down on the waterfront on the Parramatta River.
Tennyson Point is is a very small suburb, there's probably just under 1,000
homes in the suburb, not many streets either. Big blocks of land 800-900 sqm blocks
1200 sqm blocks, big houses,
and surrounded by water
Hence - “Point”, really sought after location
Although not many people know where it is. The people that do love it down there, simply
because it's a little bit away from Gladesville
which is busy, you got Putney, which is I suppose a little bit more developed.
There's a lot of building going on in Putney, where Tennyson Point
you've got some nice big traditional homes on big
blocks of land, nicely renovated, beautifully presented, really classy suburb.

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