Proptech Carpool – Buying & Selling Opportunities in Gladesville ft. John Paranchi

July 17, 2019
If you’ve been thinking of Gladesville and its surrounding areas, John Paranchi from McGrath explains opportunities in Gladesville for buyers and sellers on Soho Carpool.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Gladesville, I guess pretty tightly held market, lets say I am a buyer or a seller
what are the opportunities that you're seeing in that specific suburb?
Yeah as a buyer well unfortunately,
there's not a lot to choose from at the moment.
People are holding on for whatever reason so,
you know, but if a good property comes along that's usually fairly sought
after and I think,
the the shopping centre, there's been a lot going on with this shopping center.
Once the shopping centre has been rebuilt I think Gladesville is
going to sort of shoot up in popularity even more.
because at the moment it’s probably lacking that sort of,
you know commercial hub and I think
once the shopping centre gets renovated if it ever does they've been talking about
it for years the council and developers can't seem to come to an agreement which is pretty common.
But yeah, with things things like that going on, all the units being built on
Victoria Road I think is adding value to the area.
We're getting more restaurants more cafe, more preschools more
businesses coming into the area which is better
for the community.
overall I think. I guess within all that are you seeing many
first-time homeowners coming into the area.
Yeah, absolutely once again proximity to the city so you can get to work pretty easily
if you are working in the city, you have got the benefit of having those restaurants cafes.
you got some great pubs including my favorite The
Bayview, and you've got some great restaurants opening up into the area.
So, you know what, it's far enough out of the city to be a way but it's close enough and you know,
it's not quite Suburbia. Yeah. So,
you know, you've got a little bit of I suppose, it's a little bit trendy
not as trendy as the inner west
but you know slowly getting there. John contact contact details?
How do I get in-contact? The best ones is the mobile
0411508890 or email - [email protected]
John Paranchi, thanks for joining proptech carpool with Soho. Thanks Trent.
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