Proptech Carpool – Motivation VS Discipline ft. Adrian Bo

July 18, 2019
Adrian Bo from McGrath Real Estate is not only a highly-experienced agent but a respected coach and mentor. In today’s episode, Adrian breaks down the difference between motivation and discipline and how it shapes an agent.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

You deal a lot with real estate agents, I guess you train and a lot of these guys.
Yeah, what's the difference between motivation and discipline?
Well motivation will get you started, discipline will keep you going.
So I've got to say, you know, all the top performers that I've worked with
and coached and that I know, one of the most consistent traits is
not necessarily they get motivated easy,
but they're highly disciplined, highly disciplined.
So it's a consistency around prospecting, consistency around
training, consistency around servicing clients.
Consistency around marketing, not just for a week not just for a month,
but year upon year. What's the difference?
I guess between a guy who writes $1.5 million in com’s
and a guy who is doing $200k? Discipline is a big part of it.
The other thing is a degree of humility
because unfortunately our industry can epidemically
include egos,
but that's changing which is great.
also mindset, so people that can control their mindset
because this industry is heartbreaking if you let
it be okay because you lose listings deals fall over you get sick you work long hours
you have challenges with your partner you have you know,
sometimes acrimony with colleagues etc.
So it can be heartbreaking and it can be very frustrating.
So having a very strong mindset is important
so discipline, humility, mindset, energy as well which is really important.
So have to have the right energy at the right time.
So it doesn't mean you got to be Tony Robbins every day,
but you've got to be able to mimic the energy of the people that you sit in front of
so if you're with an 83 year old woman,
you know in her home that has been living in for 40 years,
you're going to spend a lot more time
and have a different tone of energy than you would if you're sitting in a boardroom with a
CEO who wants to sell his $4 million home,
you know, so still high integrity, high authenticity,
but just different degree of energy. The last thing I would say is someone who's process-driven, Trent.
So if you're not process-driven you're going to find it very
hard to be that $ 1million + plus agent.
Otherwise your reinventing the wheel every time you list and sell a piece of real estate.
It's crazy. Right? So checklists are important and just having a process around everything you do.
I mean you look at a pilot, no matter if that pilot’s been flying for 1 year or 28 years.
The first thing they do the minute they step into that
cockpit is go through a checklist right?
You look at the military Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
They've got SOP’s for everything they do, no matter if you're an officer
or a non-commissioned officer,
so, you know, success leaves clues, process is important.
So they're the top few things in my opinion that stand people apart.
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