Proptech Carpool – Building A Great Content Strategy

November 13, 2019

Ahmad Imam from Metropole Properties Sydney talks about how he creates and keeps up with his content schedule on LinkedIn.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Ahmad from Metropole, thanks for joining the Carpool series with Soho, nice to have you here.
Thank you. And I love the setup. I mean, this is brilliant.
I'm just excited about the Carpool karaoke.
Hey, I heard you kill it on the karaoke as well. I’ve seen something on LinkedIn.
Where did that actually come from? The LinkedIn song that you did.
That was awesome.
Yeah, look it was something that we were working on for a while.
I just love music. I love songwriting.
So we connected, David Brier and I,
he’s a gentleman from the States, he’s a branding expert,
gave me a call and he said that he is a beatboxer behind the scenes
and he said look, he goes,
’you can rap. I can beatbox. Why don't we put something special together?’
and it all evolved from there and ended up with 70 people contributing to the video.
We even had people like Daymond John from Shark Tank, Claude Silver, Gary Vee CFO and it was lots of fun.
It was really cool. And it was all about the community and LinkedIn.
We just wanted to put something fun out there.
So it's not all serious and professional.
Yeah, that's right. And you got like a couple of hundred thousand views, was it?
I think we ended up with about 200,000 views.
Yeah, there was lots of engagement on that and lots of positive feedback as well you know,
so we're going to be doing a few more of them.
In fact, we've got a Christmas special coming up.
Oh nice, yeah looking forward to that one.
I guess in terms of content, what was your strategy?
I mean you do a lot of, I guess, just talking in front of the camera kind of videos.
Is that a big part of what you're going to keep doing or I guess,
What did you learn as well over the last kind of 12 months about adding content on LinkedIn.
Look, for me, the sitting down in front of the camera
and talking is really just out of convenience.
Because I mean during the day,
you know, I've got my day job and I need to focus on that.
So for me, whenever I record content, it’s usually just after work
and I'm sitting on my desk so it's just convenient.
But what I've learned is, for content to really resonate on LinkedIn, it needs to be either
educational, uplifting or entertaining and
’how to post perform very well’
you know ‘how to buy a property’,
you know, ‘the six things you need to know’, you know, ‘the five mistakes you shouldn't make’
those kind of videos educational videos perform very well,
but what I've learned is, and this is what I've been doing,
probably in the last six to eight months is I figured this out,
is about 20-30% of my content is educational, marquee content.
In the sense that I'm a property guy.
So I worked for Metropole Property Strategists, we’re a wealth creation business, a buyers agency,
we buy properties for people. So about 20-30% of the time I'm talking about property.
I'm talking about negotiation. I'm talking about sales, something related
to what I do, and that becomes the marquee foundation content and the other 70% of the time
I'm actually just building trust.
So I'm talking about things that really resonate with me.
It could be my personal values of, could be something about kindness or Integrity or optimism or growth.
I could be simply putting out a rap video.
Yeah, just entertaining
but what that's doing is building trust
and I very much work off the know-like-and-trust approach.
You know, get people to know you, they'll then tend to like you, if they like you, they then send to trust you, if they trust you,
they then tend to buy from you
and repeat to buy from you and that's made up part of my content strategy.
Yeah, nice. contact details. How do I get in contact with you.
If I'm a buyer, especially if I'm a millennial or any buyers
and they want to know a little bit more about how you guys work on.
Or maybe you're representing me as Mr.Buyer.
How do I get in contact with you? or 1300 203030
Otherwise, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.
Send me a personal message and I'm there. I'm responding.
Perfect. Thanks so much for joining the Carpool Series with Soho.
My pleasure.
Cheers mate.

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