Proptech Carpool – Apartment in Coogee or Semi Attached in Botany? ft. Marnie Seinor

September 2, 2019
McGrath Agent Marnie Seinor breaks down the pros and cons of an apartment in Coogee and Semi-Attached in Botany.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

The demographic I deal with in the South-East is families, also
professional couples moving from units around Coogee-Randwick
area, they’re bleeding out into the South-East. They see value
because the price of a two-bedroom unit
That's in Coogee that's close to Coogee Beach, is a price of a
Semi-Detached Torrens Title property in Botany.
So people that are in units looking to upgrade
and start their family, and looking for more of a 10-year plan or a forever home
that's affordable, they're moving out to areas in Maroubra,
and some are moving out to areas like Botany
because they see value.
But yet, it is still so close to the city, to the beaches
and it is still part of the Eastern Suburbs although it’s the South Eastern suburbs.
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