Proptech Carpool – Advantages of Investing in St George ft. Zak Abdallaoui

June 27, 2019
If you’ve been trying to find a great area to invest property, McGrath’s Zak Abdallaoui’s got you covered. In today’s clip, Zak tells us why you should think of investing in St George.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Zac from McGrath, thanks for joining PropTech Carpool with Soho. - Pleasure mate.
Thanks for having me. - St.George area, such great place to invest.
What's the big attraction to St.George and some of the surrounding areas?
That's a good question. So it’s just a beautiful suburb/s to
raise a family. Got a lot of mixed demographic
and we're seeing a lot of people from
the Inner West, Inner City moving out here. They’re getting a little bit more
bang for their buck, bigger blocks. The schools here are really, really strong
and access to the city's really easy.
You can basically get a train from Hurstville station direct to
CBD in 20 minutes now, which is pretty exciting
and a lot of people want to take advantage of that.
Yeah. Nice.
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