Proptech Carpool – 2H 2019 Vendors & Buyers ft. Jye Emdur

October 21, 2019
Jye Emdur from The Agency discusses the market for the remainder of 2019 and shares vendor and buyer tips on Soho Carpool.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Second half 2019. I guess how do you see that one panning out? It’s been a funny first half.
But yeah, how’s the second half?
So for the second half of the year, I'm really excited.
We had quite a funny start, obviously like you said, for the first six months.
Bit all over the shop.
But look, it is looking more sturdy and stable now
and certainly towards the end of the year.
Yeah, excited that no more excuses to not sell.
And a lot more buyers that we're dealing with, so really exciting.
Now I guess what advice do you have for vendors?
Where do they start? Do they start looking at properties first?
Do they start looking at Finance first?
What's your little guide on where to start?.
Yeah, look it really depends on which way you want to go about it.
And obviously you want to be comfortable through the whole process.
So if a vendor goes to see their bank and they do have enough to maybe purchase first,
that's fine, which you know, means it can just take a little bit longer
for them to find something and then buy later.
The only thing with that is, obviously, if you fall in love with something
it's a competitive property
you end up going to auction and spending a little bit more.
You might be in a rush to sell yours, to sell your own home which then can
obviously have a heavy impact on the campaign itself.
The other analogy I love to use is if you're going shopping
I’d love to have the money in the pocket first.
So if you are, you know between selling and buying,
or which way to do it then, you know,
selling your property first, taking your time
and then even renting that back off the new owner, extending a settlement period
or renting back in the area can allow you to take your time.
You've got the money there in the bank and then you can find the right place.
What’s the, I guess, advantages for buyers
or what are some of the buying opportunities that you see at the moment for buyers?
Yeah, for sure. So basically in the in the last 6-12 months
buyers have dropped off a little bit,
but what it's leaving now is if you're buying today in the market
There's an opportunity where you're not up against a huge amount of competition.
As you could be in 18, you know,
even 12 months time
or even this time last year.
So it's definitely opportunistic to be buying now
because of that lack of competition on a home.
In saying that, obviously still achieving great prices
for the vendors and the homes that we are selling today.
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