Proptech Carpool – Centennial Park: Buyers & Marketing ft. Imran Hamidi

October 23, 2019
Imran Hamidi from McGrath talks about what makes Centennial Park a great place and shares tips for buyers and how to market a property on Soho Carpool.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Centennial Park, I mean it’s such a great place
not far from my house and
you know it pretty well as well.
Yeah, I guess what's the big attraction to
people wanting to live in Centennial Park
or invest in a house there?
Well for people that want to live in the area
you've got the actual Centennial Park itself,
you're close to all the shops and restaurants
I spoke about in Paddington and along Oxford Street.
You got Woollahra Village there as well.
For me, I'm a big roosters fan.
They're starting to build a new stadium.
That's awesome.
But I guess the main takeaway is the light rail is near completion.
So that will be easily accessible for everybody living there.
And landlords, from an investor's point of view,
It's easy to rent apartments there
because the tenants get to enjoy
all the same things that the owners do.
And what they look for when they're purchasing them.
Yeah. Let's am a buyer at the moment.
Is it a good time to buy?
There's definitely more buyers in the market.
But yeah, I guess what's your advice for buyers now?
If you're a buyer looking in Centennial Park,
you've still got reasonably priced apartments, which is
beneficial to them especially in comparison to
Paddington and Woollahra and you're just a stone's throw from
say the Woollahra Village or the shops
and restaurants of Oxford Street, Paddington.
Yes, I guess were does a buyer start?
Do they get their finances in order first
and then start speaking to you guys?
Or do they just have a look first and then get the finance and then speak?
What's your advice for
I guess buyers currently looking?
So we always encourage them to engage with a broker.
Start getting the process done.
That way they know what they're actually able to spend.
When they find a property that they like
they can actually make offers
and be ready to go.
If it's an auction property, they can turn up on the day and bid.
As opposed to missing out on properties they like
because they're not set up and ready to go.
They need to have all their ducks in a row.
Yeah Gotcha.
Imran, what's I guess the best way to market a property?
You've got it on Soho, which is awesome,
but you're pretty active on a lot of the other social channels.
What's your way to market those?
There's none negotiables when talking about marketing a property.
Obviously, everybody's doing photos and getting the copywriter and the floor plans.
I'm amazed at how many properties still don't get videos.
Especially because social is such a big strategy these days.
To get short sharp videos,
to have them pumped through all the social channels.
Soho as one of them but obviously Facebook, Instagram
as well and even LinkedIn.
It is so beneficial to the property.
A lot of the time we find that the people
that are watching that are tagging family members
or friends and we've actually sold property as a result of this.
Because the people that are, you know,
might not be real estate active,
but they see that nice house
for example in Woollahra or Centennial Park.
Or if they know their friends are looking for that terrace in Paddington.
So they tag their friends. ‘Hey, you should go check this one out.’
Yeah, gotcha.
So I'm very big on social boosting
and I think that everybody should have that as one of their marketing elements.
Yup. Awesome.
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