How To Prepare Your Home For a Winter Sale

May 18, 2018
modern house with fireplace

Winter can sometimes be thought of as a hard time of year to sell a home.

The colder months make house hunting less pleasant, the lack of lighting can make your home seem cold and uninviting, and the cold, wet weather can make any issues or faults in your home more apparent.

But if you are planning on selling in winter, it’s not all bad news, and there are advantages to selling in this season. With a bit of preparation, you can set your home up for a successful winter sale.

Light it up

With the days a lot shorter and naturally a little darker in winter, you’ll want to make sure your home is well lit for viewings.

A dark home can make your space appear uninviting, less spacious and less homely.

So open the blinds, remove any intrusions to natural sunlight and bring in some artificial light if needed.

When it comes to artificial lighting, avoid using harsh fluorescent bulbs and choose softer, more complimentary lighting options if possible.

Ensure interior lights are on at open inspections and consider bringing in some lamps – if they’re not in your home already – for some extra light and cosiness.

Keep it warm

When it’s cold outside, you’ll want to make your home warm and inviting for house hunters. Make it a place they want to stay for a while and check out the property, not an ice box they’ll want to leave as soon as possible.

The key is to make your home warm and pleasant, not uncomfortably stifling.

As an added bonus, this allows you to create a cosy feel in your home, something that doesn’t work as well when selling in the warmer months. 

Mould and leaks

Dampness can become an issue in winter in particular, when there is less natural light and often less airflow through a home.

This increases the chance of mould and can exacerbate any existing dampness issues.

You’ll want to get on top of this before selling your home, as mould issues can be a big deal breaker for buyers.

Be sure to check damp, dark places in particular, such as bathroom cupboards, and bring the professionals in to get rid of it to ensure that all the spores are removed, and the issue is nipped in the bud.

The smell of damp can also be very off-putting for buyers, so allow your home to get lots of natural airflow in the days prior to any inspections.


cosy living room with blanket and fireplace

Choose your décor to complement the season and to create a warm and cosy vibe for your home. Add some textured throw rugs on the couch, a plush rug and a nice candle.

You could also try incorporating some warm, wintery colours with the cushions on your couch or your choice of bedspread.

If you have a fireplace, get it going and show it off!

Clean out the gutters and drains

In the event of bad weather, you don’t want your gutters and drains clogging up and making a mess of your home.  

Be sure to clean out the gutters and drains of any leaves and other debris, and ensure there are no leaks. This will allow any heavy rain to drain away quickly and easily.

A well-prepared entrance

umbrellas in bucket

Prepare for the potential of wet weather on the day of your open home.

Place a mat at the front door for wet shoes and have an umbrella stand at the ready, so viewers aren’t dripping their wet umbrellas all through your home.

Not only is it practical, it adds a nice welcoming touch and shows potential buyers that you care for the home.

Choose the best time of day for opens

well lit home in winter sale

With less sunlight hours in the day, plan your open home for the time of day when your home will get the best sunlight.

 This will help it present at its best and not give the impression of a cold, dark home.

Alternatively, if your home gets great winter sun, this should be a key feature of your sale and you should show it off.

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