The challenges of moving interstate and how to handle them

May 17, 2018
taping up boxes for moving interstate

The very thought of moving house to another suburb can instill fear in the hearts of many, before you even pick up a roll of bubble wrap.

Couple that with the stress of moving halfway across the country, and it’s tempting just throw the towel in on the whole thing.

taping up boxes for moving interstateBut there’s no need to be excessively dramatic if you are prepared for what is to come and take it step by step.

Here are four things to keep in mind during your interstate move.

Finding a place to live

If you are moving to a state you haven’t lived in before, you probably won’t be as familiar with the property market as you would like to be, or think you are.

It is usually best to rent an apartment, unit or house in an area of your interest and test out the waters before laying down some serious cash for a deposit.

close up of man lifting couchIt could turn out to be nothing you’d expected and your worst nightmare, so use the time to get a feel for the area, talk to people, engage some real estate agents and do some due diligence of your own.

Updating all your info

Updating all your information is just part of the process of moving interstate. Beyond just changing your address and telling your bank, utilities providers and other mail subscriptions that you are moving, you need to take note of all the different legislation in the new state.

Every state requires you register your vehicle under them and apply for a new license. Interstate licenses are only valid for a few months.

Take note of any other specific road requirements you need to adhere to, such as tags for toll roads. Charges could add up to be very costly if you aren’t aware of the law.

Keeping pets happy on the move

Moving interstate with pets can pose a unique challenge from animal to animal. If you are planning on flying to your destination, you can bring your furry friends with you on the flight, if they meet certain requirements for air travel. If you are driving, make sure your pets have sufficient food and water, and give them a break every few hours.

Little dog next to moving boxesSome removalists can also take care of pet transportation for you, so researching which ones will accommodate your needs is always a good idea. Another thing to take note of are the specific laws regarding pets in different states.

In Tasmania, all dogs are required to have been treated for Hydatids Tapeworm, and all states excluding the Northern Territory require pets to be microchipped.

Research and prepare all of this thoroughly before moving day.

Transporting vehicles

If you are travelling to your new state by plane, getting your vehicles transported will be another story, especially if you have more than one.


Engage with a removalist that handles vehicle transportation and includes cars, motorcycles, trailers and boats if that’s what you need.


While it might seem like a good idea to load your car with boxes and belongings, some removalists advise this will cause a delay in comparison to an empty vehicle.


Another thing to think about is if you want to take on the drive yourself. It takes 40 hours to get from Melbourne to Darwin and 42 hours to get from Perth to Sydney.


Perhaps reconsider your choice if A to B is more like A to Z.

family taking boxes out of moving truck

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Let us Find your next Dream Home

Our AI will create a personalised list of property matches for you to rank from over 100,000 available listings