How to Bring Organic Modern Interior Design Into Your Home

January 26, 2023
organic modern interior design

Key takeaways:

  • Ensure you have enough natural light to add freshness to your organic modern living room.
  • You can add some pop of bold colours to contrast the neutral tone in the form of furniture or other organic materials to give the place an interesting look.
  • For organic modern styles, you can add handcrafted pieces to your home to give that earthy but modern look.

Imagine walking into your home and seeing it decorated with warm neutral tones, aesthetic yet elegant furniture, smooth surfaces, crisp white walls, clean lines, and plenty of greenery. Do you fancy giving your cosy home an appearance of an organic modern home similar to this one?

If you answered “yes,” this guide is what you need to incorporate this design trend without looking out of place or forced (even though you might need to follow some interior design rules in the process).

Let’s dive in as we uncover how to bring organic modern interior design into your home and your home decor.

What is organic modern design?

Organic modern interior design focuses on creating spaces with a natural appearance filled with various textures. It has rounded and smooth surfaces and a warm and neutral colour palette. 

Warm tones are emitted from the environment with the presence of natural textures. You can use plants, stones, wood, and components inspired by nature.

An organic modern design does not include any unnecessary ornaments or flourishes. The goal is to create a space that is uncluttered, and incorporates elements of nature.

How to have an organic modern interior design?

organic modern interior design
Image credit: Scout & Nimble

To turn your home into one with an organic modern design, here are four steps you have to remember:

Practice minimalism

Your house needs to be minimalistic. You cannot have clutter around the house while going for an organic modern style. So, the first thing you should do is declutter your place. 

Take out all the unnecessary stuff that you have stored all your life. They are just taking up the place and are keeping your home away from achieving that modern organic look. 

Once you have decluttered your place, you need to come up with a design that has a minimalist approach to it. Imagine a space that has free breathing room with clean lines. 

Warm and neutral colour palette

organic modern interior design
Image credit: Dezeen

Make sure that the colours you add to your home are warm and have a neutral undertone. The use of muted tones in organic modern design helps create an atmosphere with clean and modern elements. 

On the other hand, you do not want your home to have a soulless appearance, so one solution to this problem is to incorporate natural materials and some earthy and organic elements into the space to have that earthy feel.

Add some warm and natural hues to the environment. It lends a warm and inviting air to the space. Choose shades that are natural and earthy. You might also include some contrasting colours in it. 

Consider using a tone that is neutral as the base, and then experiment using a colour that is saturated but within the same colour spectrum. 

People who want their homes to have an organic modern space appearance typically incorporate some natural components, such as stones and wood, into their designs to give their homes an organic feel. You can have your ceiling or walls lined with wood to add to those organic elements of your place.

Simple organic pieces

organic modern interior design
Image credit: Hommés Studio

Next comes the most vital step: choose accessories and pieces with an organic style and simple silhouette. Furniture and accessories with earthy and organic forms give your place the perfect organic modern style when combined with neutral, warm tones. 

When choosing furniture, try to pick ones made of wood or have some organic colours. You can go for wooden chairs, sofas that are earthy brown in colour, and coffee tables made of bamboo

You should also incorporate greenery and natural elements into your place. Moreover, you can add some plants to the corners of your living room or place small pots on wooden shelves. 

You can pick decoration pieces made of wood, bamboo, clay, or stone with organic shapes. 

Add texture

organic modern interior design
Image credit: One Kindesign

Adding texture to the place is crucial for achieving organic modern decor. You can add pillows, cushions, throws, rugs, and furs to give your space that lived-in, cosy look. Texture adds life to a place and gives it depth. 

In the organic modern trend, the texture must have a natural feel to the touch. Let’s say you have placed some sleek-looking or bolder pieces into your house, so to smooth that out, you can place soft and fluffy throws and pillows that have a soft, comfy look. 

Conclusion: how to bring organic modern interior design into your home

Following this guide can bring some organic modern interiors to your home. But, most importantly, give the place your personal touch.

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