All Eyes on Bradfield: New Suburb in Sydney Set to Boom

June 7, 2024
New Suburb in Sydney Set to Boom

Key takeaways:

  • Bradfield, a new suburb in Western Sydney, is poised for significant growth with the development of the Western Sydney Airport nearby.
  • The New South Wales Government has invested $1.5 billion in essential infrastructure to support Bradfield’s growth.
  • Real estate is booming with key listings already on the market, indicating strong investment potential.
  • Bradfield aims to be a futuristic city with advanced infrastructure, attracting businesses and boosting property values.

A new suburb in Sydney is on the horizon and promises to reshape the city’s western region—Bradfield.

Located next to the new Western Sydney Airport, Bradfield is poised to become a major hub of activity, driving economic growth and creating numerous job opportunities.

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The Development of Bradfield – Sydney’s New Suburb

Bradfield is strategically positioned next to the new Western Sydney Airport, a key element in its anticipated boom.

The New South Wales Government has committed a substantial $1.5 billion investment in foundational infrastructure, including roads, sewage, water, and electricity networks. This investment lays a robust groundwork for the suburb’s future.

According to Colliers, the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, which includes Bradfield, is expected to become a cornerstone for job creation and economic activity.

The construction of the airport is well underway, with the airfield set to be completed by 2024 and the terminal by 2025.

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Significant Real Estate Listings

Two significant new listings have already hit the market in Bradfield:

  • 42 Derwent Road: This 18.83-hectare site, zoned for enterprise and light industry, is listed with expectations north of $35 million. This listing is managed by Colliers’ team, including Thomas Mosca, Nick Estephen, and Harry Bui.
  • 122 Mersey Road: This 4.05-hectare site is optimally laid out for developers, with flexible zoning for various commercial and industrial developments. This property is also listed by Colliers, handled by Thomas Mosca and Nick Estephen.

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Infrastructure and Economic Potential

New Suburb in Sydney Set to Boom

Bradfield is not just about real estate; it’s a strategic economic investment. With over $4 billion in projects in the pipeline, including the Burra Park site adjacent to the airport, the area is set to deliver more than 400,000 sqm of gross floor area in the next seven years.

The investment is a deliberate strategy to attract private capital, particularly from leading manufacturing and engineering firms, thereby boosting the local economy and providing thousands of new jobs.

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Investment and Growth

The New South Wales Government’s commitment of $1.15 billion underscores the anticipated magnitude of Bradfield’s transformation.

This investment in infrastructure aims to entice private capital and ensure sustainable growth. As Bradfield develops, property values are expected to appreciate, driven by significant infrastructure development and the influx of jobs and services.

Understanding the market trends and planning moves accordingly can help prospective buyers and investors.

Bradfield is envisioned as a city of the future, with modern infrastructure and amenities designed to support a thriving community. From advanced manufacturing to research facilities, the suburb is set to become a key player in Sydney’s economic landscape.


As Bradfield rises, all eyes are on this new suburb, which promises to redefine Western Sydney. With strategic investments and significant infrastructure projects, Bradfield is not just a new suburb—it’s a vision for the future of Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on New Suburb in Sydney

What are the booming areas of Sydney?

The suburbs forecasted for significant growth in Sydney include Parramatta, Greystanes, Bonnyrigg, Lurnea, and Regents Park, with each expected to see house price increases of over 5% by December.

What brand new Sydney suburb is set to boom?

Bradfield, a new suburb in Western Sydney located near the new airport site, is anticipated to become a major hub in the area as new property listings begin to appear on the market.

What Sydney suburbs will boom in 2024?

The top suburbs for investment in 2024 include Ashfield, Balmain, Bardwell Park, Coogee, Glenmore Park, Kingsford, and Liverpool, each offering promising growth potential.

Where is the best place to buy property in Australia in 2024?

For 2024, notable areas for property investment in Australia are Manly and Parramatta in New South Wales, Fortitude Valley in Queensland, and Carlton in Victoria.

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