Locked Out of My House – 5 Easy Solutions

June 17, 2022

Though it may not happen so often, there are some instances where I might accidentally get locked out of my house. The first instinct when this occurs is to try and open the door as fast as possible.

But before panicking, there are a few steps that a person can take to regain entry into their home without causing too much damage to the door.

Finding the way back inside can be as simple as looking around for an opening or contacting a locksmith. The critical thing to remember is to stay calm and find the most appropriate solution to the problem. 

Let’s explore some of the What should you do after you are locked out of your house? No need to panic. Here are a few tried and proven methods that should get you out of a pinch.  if one ever finds themselves on the wrong end of a locked door.

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Call for help

If I accidentally get locked out of my house, an excellent place to start would be to call someone who might have access to my home. This could be a friend, a roommate, a family member, or anyone I may have entrusted with a spare key. Though they might have to go out of their way, it is undoubtedly the easiest way to regain access.

Alternatively, reaching out to the landlord or property manager might help in a home lockout situation. The landlord most likely has a spare key that they use for emergencies. Property managers are also a safe bet because they are likely to be nearby and would help you open the door.

locked out of my house

Check for any openings around the house

This is another helpful option to consider in such a circumstance. If I find myself locked out of my house, I should check if any other openings are unlocked. An unlocked window is one of the quickest ways to get back into the house.

Before going through a window, find a safe place to land. Chances are, one might lose their balance and knock something over once they make it into the house. It’s also important to avoid furniture with sharp edges such as coffee tables.

locked out of my house

Contact a Locksmith

Seeking the services of a professional locksmith is guaranteed to provide access back into a home. A dependable locksmith like All in One Locksmith home lockout service is available on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Locksmiths are the best alternative, especially in a time-sensitive situation.

In case I’m locked out of my house, a locksmith can make their way to my location in as short a time as 20 minutes. In addition, they have the right tools and expertise to get the door opened safely while minimizing the damage.

Remove the door knob

This option is only suitable if the deadbolt on the door is unlocked. If so, getting the door open is as simple as removing the door knob and unlocking it. Most doors have a small, pin-sized hole at the side of the door knob which can be used to remove it. 

Here’s how to properly remove a door knob:

  1. Find a small metal object and insert it into the small hole at the side of the door knob then apply some pressure.
  2. Keep pushing the metal object as far as possible while twisting the door knob. Some resistance is expected but try as much as possible to maintain the pressure.
  3. While maintaining the pressure, pull and twist the doorknob to until it comes off.
  4. Remove the covering metal plate to access the lockset. One can use a metal object such as a screwdriver to pull back the lock mechanism and open the door.
  5. Improvise to Get the Door open

locked out of my house

If I’m locked out of my apartment and the above solutions don’t work, I might need to find a different way of getting the door unlocked with the tools I have on hand. Picking a lock is slightly complicated, but it is still viable, especially with a small metal object such as a paper clip or bobby pin. 

To do this, I will need two small metal pieces which can be utilised in the following steps:

  1. First, bend one of the pieces to an L-shape. This is the piece used to hold the lock in its place.
  2. For the second piece, make sure it is straight enough and then bend it into a W-shape at one of the ends. This is the piece used to unlatch the pins within the lock.
  3. Create some tension within the lock using the L-shape metal piece.
  4. Using the W-shape metal piece, push it through the lock to feel for any pins.
  5. As you feel the pins, use the W-shape piece to push them up and unlock your door.

In case the door has a standard spring bolt, a card will come in handy to help you open it.

The following steps can help to get the door unlocked.

  1. Select the most suitable card to unlock the door. The best card for the task is the one you no longer have a use for.
  2. Push the card right through the door frame and hold it against the latch.
  3. Maintain the pressure by holding the card in place and wiggling it around.
  4. As the lock starts to come loose, push the card further inside and try to slide the latch away from the jamb. 
  5. Push the card a little more and slide it between the latch and the doorframe. This should unlock the door and one can make their way back inside.

How to prevent a future lockout from happening

After the door is open, I can take a few steps to avoid being locked out of my house again. Some of them include:

Handing out a spare key

Giving out one of the house keys to someone dependable can help in emergencies. The person must live close by for easier access.

Hiding a spare somewhere on the compound

Alternatively, one can find a safe place on the exterior to hide a spare key. No one else must know about this location except the home’s occupants.

Switching to an electronic lock

Electronic locks require pin numbers and biometrics, thus eliminating the chance of misplacing the keys. They have a high level of security so one can always be assured that their belongings will be safe.

locked out of my house

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