Deadbolt vs Deadlatch: What’s the Difference?

April 20, 2022
deadbolt vs deadlatch

Whether you prefer a deadbolt vs a deadlatch, a solid locking system is required for a safe and secure home. Property owners can avoid robbery and homicide if homeowners invest in a good lock. 

Several types of locks are available to keep your home safe from burglars, and it’s crucial to understand the differences. The deadbolt and deadlatch are the two types of locks typically employed.

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What is a deadbolt?

In terms of functioning, a deadbolt is identical to a deadlock. A key is required to lock and unlock this sort of lock. Homeowners can also fit them on doors that already have a doorknob set. A single metal locking bolt protrudes from the door and into the wall on most deadbolts, making it nearly hard for an intruder to force the door open. 

Deadbolts are designed to increase doors’ protection by doubling the lock security, which is especially important when no one is home. People use the lock solely at night or when not on the premises. Deadlocks and deadbolts are employed in residential and commercial premises, either alone or with a conventional latching lock.

Types of deadbolts

Deadbolt single cylinder

This lock with a turning mechanism on the inside can be locked and opened with a key from the outside.

Deadbolt double cylinder

This lock needs a key to lock and unlock from the inside and the outside. It does not have the typical turn mechanism of a single cylinder deadbolt. As a result, a double cylinder deadbolt is safer than a single-cylinder bolt.

Keyless deadbolt

As the name suggests, the keyless deadbolt does not require a key to open or close your door. A keypad replaces the keyhole and allows you to enter a numerical password. This is an excellent lock for those who want a more convenient and secure method of locking their doors. This gadget also has certain safety features, such as an alarm that sounds after many wrong inputs.

Vertical deadbolt

deadbolt vs deadlatch

A vertical deadbolt bolted within your door automatically locks when you close your door. A vertical lock is more secure than a horizontal deadbolt because it cannot be quickly forced open.

Rim deadbolt

The rim deadbolt is located on the inside of the door and automatically locks when the door is closed. This lock is readily pried open and unsuitable for individuals seeking a secure and durable lock.

What is a a deadlatch?

Deadlatches combine the advantages of a deadlock with the addition of a latch. While a deadlock requires a key, a deadbolt requires the bolt to be pushed into the wall or floor. The deadlatches are automatically locked when the door is closed. 

This, therefore, helps you answer how to lock a door without a lock. It means you won’t have to take as long to leave your home or office because you won’t have to close the door using a key manually. When you’re in a rush, it’s a simple way to lock the door and save time. Therefore, there is an increased demand for this lock mechanism. 

Types of deadlatches

A bored deadlatch

deadbolt vs deadlatch

It is a lock with round bored apertures on the door that is actuated by a thumb turn and a key.

Mortice deadlatch

This deadlatch has a rectangle-shaped hole for its lock and is set at the door’s edge.

Deadlatches are also available in single and double cylinder configurations, allowing for even greater versatility. The three modes of operation for double-cylinder deadlatches are listed below.

  • Passage Mode: The locking mechanism is permanently freed, allowing the door to open and close freely.
  • Safety Mode: The lock can be opened and closed using the knob on the inside of the door. So, while you’ll need a key to get in from the outside, you won’t need one to get out when you’re in safe mode.
  • Secure Mode: The internal knob will not work without a key in this mode. The lock is in deadlock mode, so you’ll need a key to exit and enter.

What is a deadlock?

When in deadlock mode, a deadlock is a lock that owners can only unlock with a key. It features a keyhole on one side and a turnable knob on the other for additional security

Deadlocks for front doors strengthen your safety, but they should not be set in deadlock mode while you are at home, especially in an emergency. This is because frantically looking for your key could put you at risk if, for example, a fire breaks out within your home. 

If you plan to leave the deadlock mode on while you’re at home, make sure you know where your keys are or that they’re close to the lock in case of an emergency. Therefore, a front door deadlock is an excellent security choice for your home.

deadbolt vs deadlatch

Is a Deadlatch the same as a deadlock?

Deadlocks require a key or the turning of a knob into lock mode to lock the door, but Deadlatches automatically lock behind you after you close it. Knowing that the door is locked once you close it offers both convenience and peace of mind.

Which one is better? Deadbolt or deadlatch?

Deadlocks and deadbolts are similar since both require a key to operate. The deadlatch, on the other hand, will self-lock with a key. It has a metal lock that extends from the door into the wall, but owners can only open a deadlock in deadlock mode with a key. 

To avoid being locked out of your house in the event of an emergency and being unable to locate your keys, it is recommended that you turn off the deadlock mode of your deadlocks or have your key nearby when at home. On the other hand, deadlatches are locks that automatically lock after the door is closed.

Some deadlatches have anti-deadlock systems that unlock the deadlatch on the other side once the door is opened. They are available in three modes. The type of lock you need depends on the level of security you require and the type of property you want to protect. However, because you can never have too much protection, it’s good to check with a locksmith about which lock options are best for you.

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