How To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

December 7, 2017

The heat in summer can have a negative affect on the comfort level of your home if it’s not managed correctly. The best way to cope with the heat in summer and keep your house cool is to prepare for it.

1. Cover your windows

The hottest tip to keeping your house cool is to cover your windows.

This includes inside coverings and if possible, you should cover the outside of your windows too.

Inside coverings will stop the sunlight getting through but unfortunately won’t do much in terms of keeping the heat out of the house.

Outside window coverings stop the heat from reaching the window in the first place which is the best plan of attack.

There are of course expensive options available if you’re looking for something more permanent but if you need a budget-friendly option try inexpensive shade cloth tacked to the outside of any windows that get full sun.

2. Keep the house closed up

Another simple but effective tip is to shut the doors to areas that get the hottest to stop the heat spreading through the rest of the house. 

Be sure to open the house up in the cool of the evening to let the heat out.

3. Fans


It’s easy to reach for what you know will definitely ‘get the job done’ and turn on the air conditioner but give the trusty fan a chance.

Fans are really energy efficient so it’s worth trying the fan first to cool the room.

Try using the fan in conjunction with your air conditioner to help spread the cool air around the house more effectively.

4. Keep the temperature set to 26 degrees

This isn’t going to bring arctic conditions to your living room but it will keep things cool enough to feel comfortable.

Its going to keep your electricity bill from sky rocketing out of control too since one degree cooler on the thermostat can mean up to fifteen percent higher electricity charges.

Making sure your air conditioner’s filter is clean will also help keep that electricity bill down.

5. Cool the room you’re using


Don’t try to cool the whole house, just focus on the room you’re in. This is going to save you major dollars when that bill arrives.

Open bedroom windows once night falls to let cool air in and hot air out, ready for when you go to bed.

6. Long term house cooling

If you’re looking to set up more long-term cooling solutions for your house, think about these options:

  • Insulation- this is the best way to keep your house cool in summer but also warm in winter
  • Colours- opting for bright/light colours on your exterior walls and roof will help reflect the light rather than dark colours which absorb heat.
  • Window shades and shutters– these help to stop the heat getting into the house in the first place and it’s amazing how effective they can be.
  • Windows- opt for windows that let the air move freely into and out of the house rather than small ones.

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