Keep Up Your Autumn Outdoor Entertaining With These Tips

April 4, 2018

Autumn can be a great time for outdoor entertaining since the weather is not too hot and it’s generally not too cold either.

You will however, have to make a few tweaks to your outdoor entertaining space to change it from summer-ready to autumn friendly, ready for those guests to come around.

Just like your indoor space in the cooler months, your outdoor space needs to seem cosy and inviting so give it some areas of warmth.


Toasting marshmallows on a firepit

Autumn is the perfect season to introduce the firepit back into the entertaining space.

It will likely end up being the main gathering point by the end of the night so make it a feature and include cosy cushions, and plan to make use of it with some good old-fashioned marshmallow toasting.

Outdoor heater

Outdoor entertaining in Autumn

If you don’t have the space or the right area for a firepit, go for something more functional like an outdoor heater.

There are several options available on the market these days so choose something that not only fits the space you have available but will be easy and low cost to run.

If you’re entertaining throughout the afternoon when things are just starting to cool down for the day, think about moving your outdoor setting to a space in the garden where it will gain the most sunlight and warmth and take advantage of nature’s heat.

Warm blankets

Autumn outdoor entertaining table setting

Be sure to include warm blankets and throws alongside comfortable cushions.

Just like the inside of your home, you want your outdoor space to be somewhere people want to hang out all night.

You can guarantee that even the burliest of your guests will happily throw a blanket over themselves when the cool night air sweeps in.

Putting cover

If your summer included open air dining under the stars, now might be the time to consider putting some cover over your entertaining space.

Not only will it help keep the warmth in, but it helps to keep those cool night mists from descending on your gathering.

You can of course opt for more permanent changes such as a pergola or awning or go for something more temporary such as a cantilever umbrella or a gazebo.

Autumn décor

Don’t forget to bring a bit of Autumn décor into your outdoor space.  

You may wish to include something temporary such as autumn leaves in a vase to your table decorations or choose something a bit longer term like a small evergreen shrub in a pot to help bring some greenery into your ever-changing autumn garden. 

To help keep up the cosy feel, don’t forget to add some outdoor rugs to your entertaining space.

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