How to Take Real Estate Photos with Your Phone

June 23, 2022
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To figure out how to take real estate photos, you must invest a good amount into your project or your photos may not turn out how you would like them to. 

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Learn how to take real estate photos

Learning how to take real estate photos entails equal parts persistence and the acceptance of failure. It will take a few tries before you end up with that perfect shot. 

Pictures of houses tend to look a certain, perfect way. Although most are done using professional cameras, do not shy away from the power of a smartphone when it comes to real estate photos.

Modern smartphones are designed to create clear images that are easily transferrable. First, though, you want to make sure that the camera isn’t the only one doing the work.

How to take real estate photos

A common mistake when people are learning how to take real estate photos with an iPhone is not giving their phone the support it needs for the best quality image possible. This means that holding your phone in the right position is key to a perfect property photo. 

Rather than holding your phone at an arm’s length as you would usually do, try bringing your elbows in and planting them in your chest. Another option is kneeling down to rest your elbows on your knees.

The stability of the camera conjures up the clearest photos along with opting for the volume button to take the image rather than using the button on the screen. A shaky camera equals a shaky picture.  

Tripods are your best friend

How to take real estate photos

If you do not own a tripod, now may be the time. This is because using a tripod ensures complete stability.

You can do some research to find the best tripod for your smartphone. For a more traditional real estate photo, you can invest in a smartphone adaptor if you already have a tripod at your disposal.

Getting to the bottom of how to take real estate photos involves a certain amount of investment in new equipment that will create the clearest image possible. 

Another advantage of a tripod for taking pics of houses is the ability to use the self-timer. You will not have to be concerned about the camera slightly shaking when you press the shutter.

Tripods can also be used for future purposes, making them a great piece of equipment to be laying around. Investing in how to take real estate photos can bring about long-term advantages! 

Cover the entire home

How to take real estate photos

There are loads of tips for real estate photography since it requires a certain look to appeal to as many buyers as possible, but one of the most important is how it is shot. Vertical may be your go-to, but a horizontally shot photo is how to take photos for real estate. 

Knowing how to take interior real estate photos can make or break your entire selling prospects. Even if you are taking photos of a small room, turn the phone horizontally. 

This allows for as much detail as possible to be included in the picture. Real estate photography requires giving potential buyers as many details as possible. 

Figuring out how to take real estate photos mostly involves knowing the right angles. If you are just not that skilled at picture-taking, ask yourself the question: can real estate agents take photos? Yes, and they should if that’s the case. 

Professional photos versus photos that are simply shot at home are fairly different, but it doesn’t have to be this way. House images can come out as clear as day as long as you are utilising the right methods.   

Use an app for taking real estate photos

How to take real estate photos

Luckily, the creation of smartphones goes hand-in-hand with all the new applications. By using a smartphone to take pictures of your home, you can easily edit and process your images right on the phone.  

There are many editing apps available where you can manipulate the lighting of your photograph, change the contrast, manage highlights and shadows, and use other tools to enhance your images

If there is a particular room in your home that is incredibly light or too dark at certain times of the day, you will need these editing apps at the tips of your finger to create the most appealing picture possible. 

Since the smartphone is not the most advanced camera to use, you may need to adjust things like lighting to give prospective buyers the ultimate view of your home. There are many free options, but if you are willing to spend a little money for an advanced editing app, your real estate photos are certain to come out professional-looking. 

Spot a corner

How to take real estate photos

Another tip for learning how to take real estate photos is choosing a corner of the room you’re taking a picture of and sticking to it. A complication that comes with using a smartphone for taking interior real estate photos is how narrow the lens can be. 

The key is to position yourself or your tripod in the very corner of the room. This not only distances the camera from the furthest corner of the room, but can also give a better sense of the space available. 

There are settings on your smartphone such as the panoramic photo setting that can do the same, creating a wide-format image. The ultimate goal, whichever method you choose, is to capture the room to the fullest. 

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