How to Clean Grout in Your Bathroom So it Shines

May 18, 2022
How to Clean Grout in Your Bathroom

Learning how to clean grout could be a game-changer for most homeowners. Bathrooms are often some of the most challenging areas to clean. This is because they are sensitive areas that contribute to the hygiene of your family.

Grout is a porous material made up of cement and sand found between bathroom tiles. Due to its porous nature, many people report the difficulty in cleaning it. Grout is particularly prone to harboring dirt, soap scums, and oils. In the long run, this causes discoloration of the tile grout.

Fortunately, a few simple steps define the answer to how to clean grout in tiles. This piece will explore basic and effective solutions for bathroom tiles and grout.

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Using water to clean bathroom tile grout

How to Clean Grout in Your Bathroom

Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive yet practical approach to clean tile grout? You can use items that you already have in your home.

Start with the tried-and-true combo of warm water, a stiff bristles brush, and some elbow grease. First, remove any loose dirt or debris from the surface using a brush, vacuum, or steam cleaner. Next, add water to a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the bathroom surface.

You can mix it with some mild, non-abrasive detergent or all-purpose cleaner for extra cleaning power. Let it rest for some minutes.

Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the grout until it is clean and shining. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can restore the glory of your bathroom.

Homeowners can use baking soda to clean bathroom tile grout

Are you tired of the commercial bathroom cleaners? Some cleaners won’t help you get the clean bathroom look you desire. If you want a natural approach to the problem, consider baking soda.

Mix equal baking soda and water parts to form a thick paste. Use a brush to apply it on the surface of the bathroom tiles. Depending on the stains’ toughness, spray it with a solution of white vinegar or lemon juice and water.

Leave it for ten minutes to half an hour to let it bubble before scrubbing with a stiff brush. If the method fails to clean tile grout, you can enhance your scrub mix by replacing the water with hydrogen peroxide.

Using lemon to clean bathroom tile grout

How to Clean Grout in Your Bathroom

Start by mixing a quarter cup borax, half a teaspoon lemon oil, and enough liquid soap. The goal is to make a bathroom tile and grout cleaner paste.

Then, use an old toothbrush or other stiff brush to scrub the paste into the grout. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Allow the paste to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. For best results, repeat the process once a week.

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can keep your bathroom looking refreshed and clean – without harsh chemicals or breaking the bank.

How to clean using bleach

Bleach may be the sole solution for deep-seated discoloration and dirt. First, make sure your bathroom is adequately aired and that the bleach is only used on white grout.

First, mix equal parts bleach and water in a bucket. Then, apply the mixture to the grout lines using a sponge or brush. Be sure to work it into all crannies. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a damp cloth.

You may need to repeat this process a few times to achieve the desired results. However, you can finally enjoy a bathroom that looks as good as new with a bit of elbow grease.

Let the experts handle it

While DIY is hands-on and convenient, it may not be effective. Many homeowners lack the experience and expertise to handle such a matter. If this is the case, it would be best to hire a professional tile cleaner.

There are cleaning professionals with the proper training, equipment, and products for cleaning your bathroom space. Additionally, if you are tired of researching how to clean tile grout, professional cleaners will save you the time and effort of a deep clean. After that, it’s up to you to keep the place clean.

Keeping the bathroom tile grout clean

How to Clean Grout in Your Bathroom

After partaking in the rigorous scrubbing, you’d not want to go back to the drawing board. So, now that you know how to clean grout, there is a need to apply tips that help keep the bathroom tile grout free from grime and dirt. 

These include:

Keep the bathroom clean and dry

Ventilation is crucial. Hence, use exhaust fans or air the space naturally by leaving the windows open. It would help if you also considered using bath mats at all times. Finally, freshen up as much as possible.

Deal with the minor stain as soon as you notice it

You cannot avoid minor stains on your tile grout. However, preventing accumulation saves you the hassle of partaking in rigorous scrubbing. Hence, a simple solution could be to use white toothpaste. Let it rest for some minutes before scrubbing it away with an old toothbrush.

Use a pencil eraser for tough corners

Did you know that a pencil eraser could be your answer to how to clean grout? Sounds strange, right? The potential of a pencil eraser is not limited to just pencil lead. You can use a white eraser to touch up challenging places quickly.

Use a professional-grade grout sealer

Finally, if your grout still looks dull or stained, you can apply a professional-grade grout sealer. This protects it against future buildup. By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom looking bright and clean!

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