How Much Does a Shed Cost?

May 26, 2022
How much does a shed cost

While a shed is a fitting solution to your home or personal needs, you must factor in the shed cost. A shed is an ideal place to retreat and work on personal projects or create extra room to store appliances and tools. It has many benefits and is a significant addition to any modern home. 

So, how much does a shed cost? The cost varies according to several factors. The common ones include raw materials, dimensions required, and style, among other factors.

A little backyard shed will not cost as much as an enormous brick shed. Subject to your requirements, you might have to spend as low as $500 to as much as $100,000. 

There is also the issue of professional services. A property owner might not have the expertise or experience. You might need a mason to lay bricks for your ideal classic backyard shack. It all comes down to your budget and why you need the shed.

So, you need to establish your wishes and select an alternative that fits those exact desires. If it’s for storage, what will you be storing in it? Asking yourself some of these questions might help you make a factual judgment and financial plan accordingly. 

How much does it cost to build a shed? Below are some aspects you might want to consider because they define the shed cost.

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Materials you use to build the shed

A factor determining how much building a shed costs is the materials you use. You can decide to use a single material or combine two or more options. Commonly used materials for building sheds are metal, wood, bricks, iron sheets, and vinyl.

Their costs differ though, and some materials are cheaper than others depending on their quality.

Brick is a more expensive construction material. Depending on the size, a brick shed may cost you up to $30,000 because of the work and supplementary materials needed. If your budget is low, wood provides a cheaper natural alternative.

Even though it is not as durable or sustainable as brick, it can be customised for unique and catchy styles.

Vinyl is another alternative to wood, but minus its weaknesses. It is not susceptible to moisture, insects, and rot like wood. However, depending on where you are installing your shed, you may need to shield it from wind if you opt for materials such as vinyl, metal, or iron sheets. 

Before settling on a particular material, consider where you live and see if it fits the circumstances. Areas with fast blowing winds, weak soil, and prone to earthquakes will likely increase your total cost.

Use for your shed

The intended use for your shed will determine the need for extra installations needed. If you plan to use machinery, for instance, in a workshop shed, you may need to get power connected and other plumbing installations. Such installations translate to an increase in the total shed cost.

If it’s a garage, rolling doors would be required further increasing the overall cost. Thus, how you intend to use the shed may directly impact the cost of your garden shed. 

Size of your shed

Spacious shed prices are significantly higher than the cost of their lesser counterparts. The bigger the shed, the more money you are likely to part with. Thus, it would be best to think about your wants and the right shed magnitude to fit those needs. 

Every cost aspect of your shed rises with a surge in proportion. For a bigger shed, more raw materials mean a higher budget. You will also need extra funds for fittings, fixtures, and finishes. 

Similarly, if you hire an expert, the larger the shed, the more the labor cost you will incur because it takes longer to construct and also involves more work. It is anticipated that the average cost of building a shed per square foot is $20 to $180.

So, you can estimate your total shed cost according to the dimensions you want.

Type of shed you’re building

The type of shed contributes significantly to the question ‘How much does a shed cost?’. Diverse shed types suit different wants. Hence, the use of your shed informs your choice of the type you require. The cost of a simple garden shed cannot be the same as that of a spacious insulated shed.

Also, if you want a tailored design, you must dig deeper into your pocket.

An inexpensive substitute would be to buy a prefab kit and set up the structure on your own. The kind of shed you set up depends on its anticipated use.

A tiny storage shed, which is more affordable, is not meant to serve similar usage as a workshop shed where ample space is necessary.

Varying sheds serve exclusive requirements and carry changing value tags. Know what you plan to use your shed for, and select a choice that fits your preference. 

To build or buy a shed

One of the decisions you need to make is buying a prefabricated shed or building one from scratch. Your large shed prices can be drastically reduced with ready-made options being cheaper than building. You might want to contract an expert where a concrete slab foundation is required if you do not have the skills to do it yourself.

Also, most prefabricated choices come in distinct fragments, including roofs, windows, and walls. You assemble the pieces at your preferred location.

If you have any doubts about your skills or proficiency with tools, you can appoint a pro to install the shed for you. You would rather incur a small extra cost than entirely ruin your shed or harm yourself.

A custom shed gives you the liberty to integrate a unique design. Customisation guarantees consistency of style and the decor of your home. But, the cost tends to be higher with this option because of the amounts attached to additional materials, labor, and the design.

Depending on your budget, you may need to choose between a prefabricated structure and a custom-built design.

After estimating how much to build a shed, some homeowners might want to go the DIY way. Making a mistake or injuring yourself while doing something you have no idea of will only add to the total cost of your shed. Be smart and afford yourself some peace of mind by hiring a professional to do installations for you.

Price estimates

With all the factors described above, you might still want hard numbers to work with. Our team has put together some cost estimates that might help you in the table below: 

Type of shedSize of the shed (area)Cost estimates
Garden, small residential5 meters squared$500 to $700
Residential, medium-sized35 to 40 meters squared$5000 to $7000
Residential, medium to large50 to 80 meters squared$7500 to $10000
Residential, larde100 to 120 meters squared$10000 to $12000

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