The Only Home Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

July 28, 2022
Buying Your First Home

So it’s about that time to make a home moving checklist! By now, you’ve already settled all the negotiating and signing, and you can start packing things into boxes and preparing for the costs of moving.

This is where Soho’s moving house checklist will come in handy. There’s so much to think about when you’re moving house, but with our complete list of everything you need to prepare, we’ve taken some of the burden off!

We’ve divided our ultimate checklist into a 5-part timeline: 4-6 weeks before moving house, one week before, one day before, the actual move day, and the day after.

First, have a read through the whole checklist and highlight what makes sense to you. Then you can start from the beginning!

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Moving Tips

The earlier you start packing and preparing, the better! 4-6 weeks before the move-in date is a good time to start preparing the move. Use this home moving checklist as a base to add or take off anything to make it work for you.

Decide whether you’ll be moving yourself or hiring a removalist. Your final situation and the amount of things you have will impact this. Removalists will obviously cost more than doing it yourself. And if you do hiring a moving company, will they be unpacking for you as well? Call ahead to get a quote and don’t forget to shop around.

Think ahead about the home you’re moving into—will it be ready? Or will you need to do some pre-cleaning or renovations first? Factor this into the date you choose for the move.

Contact all the administrative bodies to make sure your address has been changed, especially utility providers.

Start using things and consuming food in your current home that you don’t want to bring to your future home. This will help prevent food wastage.

Secure and arrange all your important documents in one place.

Not sure when to schedule your big move? Our in-depth analysis on the Best Time to Move will guide you to make the most informed decision.

1. Checklist for 4-6 weeks before moving day

Home Moving Checklist

A moving house checklist helps you prepare all your belongings, even if you’re getting removalists.


  • Call different removalists to get quotes on the move and insurance
  • Finalise moving company and set date
  • Review and/or buy home contents insurance for my new home
  • Get quotes on storage facilities
  • Apply for leave from work

Booking transport for the day

  • Book transport for myself and members of the household
  • Book pet transport
  • Arrange transfers for kids from school
  • Organise temporary accommodation or travel during move

Update others on address change

  • Inform the following about the change of address:
    – Bank
    – Mobile service provider
    – Credit card company
    – Any subscription services
    – Friends and family
  • Update Electoral office about change of address
  • Update car registration and driver’s license

Cleaning and decluttering

  • Make a list of fragile items
  • Declutter and throw away unneeded items. If you have a lot, consider holding a garage sale.
  • Clear your kitchen of unwanted food
  • Start using up all the food in your kitchen
  • Go through your things in storage, the garden and garage
  • Plan out how to store jewellery and documents during move
  • Gather all medical records for family and pets

Visualising and preparing your new home

  • Create a furniture floor plan of your new place
  • Confirm date of key collection with the real estate agent
  • Call a handyman to organise any needed repairs at current and new house
  • Set up utilities in your new home


  • Start packing items you won’t be using
  • Buy packing material or have your removal company send some over ie: moving boxes, fragile warning tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, tape, dolly

Tips if you’re packing on your own

  • Label boxes with the “contents” and “destination” ie: books, Mili’s room
  • Pack fragile items carefully and make a note of any scratches
  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes (kept at the bottom)
  • Put lighter items in bigger boxes
  • Disassemble furniture – keep small parts together in a zip-lock bag

Prepare a necessities box with:

  • Refreshments ie: tea, coffee, snacks
  • Necessities for children and pets
  • Bathroom necessities ie: toilet paper, toothbrush, soap etc.
  • Medication
  • Chargers

2. One week before moving day

Home Moving Checklist

Prepping the house checklist

  • Finish packing
  • Keep extra curtains, bedsheets and towels ready for the move. These items will probably be immediately necessary.
  • Create a floor plan for each room in the new home
  • Water any plants and pack them up in plastic lined boxes
  • Pack up machines like scanners and printers
  • If you have a pet, consider letting them stay at a friend’s during the moving process.

Setting up the new home

  • Do a formal inspection of the new house
  • Confirm set up of utilities


  • Arrange parking for removalist vehicle
  • Confirm delivery of household items to the new address

3. One day before moving house checklist

At home

  • Keep your essentials box nearby
  • Unplug fridge and clean
  • Drain liquid from washing machine, ice makers etc.
  • Charge electronics
  • Take note of meter readings
  • Lock doors and windows
  • Double check the garden, garage and shed
  • Return all the keys from your old home
  • Remove garage door key from car


  • Tell the movers about where to park
  • Instruct movers where to unload

4. Moving day checklist

Home Moving Checklist

For your old home:

  • Take the movers on a tour of the house and give instructions
  • Make sure your essentials boxes are accessible
  • Keep important things on you ie: phone, keys etc.
  • Take out rubbish
  • Leave forwarding address at the mailbox
  • Ensure home is locked up

At your new home:

  • Make sure movers have access
  • Keep a copy of the furniture floor plan
  • Ask movers to set up fridge and plug it in first so you can bring over your refrigerated items.
  • Check that all utilities have been connected
  • Double check all items have been delivered before signing off with movers
  • Take photos of the new place if it’s a rental property
  • Check if anything was left behind by previous tenants
  • Assemble your bed first
  • Then unpack the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other rooms
  • Schedule a locksmith to change your locks
  • If your items were moved from storage, double check before signing off
  • Let the moving company know if anything is missing
  • Keep your important documents in a safe place
  • Take photos of your utility meters
  • Make sure the interior and garden are safe before letting your children and pets play
  • Inspect the garden before your kids and pet start playing
  • Make an unpacking plan so you do a bit everyday and not all at once
  • Greet the new neighbours

5. After moving in

Home Moving Checklist

Well done! At this point, you can slow down a bit. You’re almost at the end of the home moving checklist.

Don’t let the unpacked boxes and messiness unsettle you. You will get to them eventually, and sometimes, not rushing the unpacking allows you to better visualise where things should go.

You should celebrate the final move-in with a nice meal with your family or housemates. And read our article on 8 essential things to do after moving in!

Once everything has been moved in

  • If the hot water system, air conditioning or heater needs to be set up, get to this first.
  • Prioritise your bedroom and bathroom because good sleep and cleanliness are key.
  • Unpack the kitchen 1-2 boxes at a time to avoid clutter and confusion.
  • Plug in all necessary appliances like telephones and washing machines.
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes and keep aside. You can potentially sell boxes after use.

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