4 Things We Always Forget Before Moving House

August 18, 2021

So you’ve said goodbye to your real estate agent and it’s time to get the moving process started. This is when our list of things you forget when moving house comes in.

Most of us have been there! They’re the kind of mistakes we kick ourselves for. But with all the other items to check off our list, it’s hard to keep track of everything.

So to save you some time and avoid stress, we’ve compiled a list of things people often forget about when they start packing to move to a new home.

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Packing an Essentials Box

thing we forget when moving

You’ve done it—separated all your clothes and crockery and books into their respective moving boxes, probably had a garage sale or two and then you realise you have nothing to wear or brush your teeth with.

Say hello to the first step of your packing process; your much-needed essentials box. 

While its name is self-explanatory, what goes in it may vary depending on your personal circumstances. Here’s a house checklist of some household items we think would be necessary when you begin packing for the weeks leading up to and after the move.

Feel free to make this list of must-haves your own. 

  • Toiletries (it’s about to get messy so make sure you have everything including toilet paper, toothpaste and nail clippers, hand towels and don’t forget the new shower head you just got) 
  • Bed linens and pillows (Don’t forget your dry cleaning!)
  • Cleaning supplies (you won’t regret it if you double-check these beforehand. Think multi-surface cleaner, paper towels, dish soap, rags, and a broom and dustpan)
  • Any medicine or supplements you normally take
  • Snacks
  • Chargers, smart plugs
  • bubble wrap for fragile items
  • A speaker (to blast uplifting music, of course) 
  • Duct tape
  • Something just for you (this can be a candle, a bottle of wine… an item you love to keep you grounded and happy during the transition)

A good house checklist makes all the difference in a successful move to a new city or home.


Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But studies show around 30% of people forget to check with utility providers at the new address when they move homes. I was one of those people. Clearly, WiFi took precedence over everything else. 

thing we forget when moving soho for renters

Fortunately, Soho has an awesome service that does all of this for you with our Soho for Renters service. And when I say all, I mean all of it.

You can opt to just have us coordinate your electricity, or we can also connect your internet, gas, and cable, as well as organise the moving company and your home insurance. 

It’s really the simplest and easiest of processes and gives you a smooth transition to the new house. All you need to do is navigate to our Soho for Renters page and fill in what you need to be arranged for you.

We’ll then put you in touch with a moving expert before your move date to do all the tedious stuff you don’t have time to spend on. Whether you have your own preferred provider or just want the best deal out there, our team will sort that out based on your preferences.

Now that we’ve told you, you shouldn’t forget!

Hidden Treasures

thing we forget when moving

If you’ve lived in one home long enough, there will be lots of hidden gems and fragile items about the house that can be forgotten over time.

We had a tenant who lost their emergency cash when they moved to a new house because they had forgotten it was hidden underneath the shelf of one of the built-in cupboards.

So unless you’d like to leave a gift for the new tenants, make sure to check all the nooks and crannies of the old house thoroughly. 

The same goes for your spare keys! You know—the one under the doormat that has surely saved the locksmith several visits. So unless this too is a gift for the people moving in, best clear it out to ensure a smooth transition. 

Don’t forget school records or documents, smart tech items, and smaller furniture pieces. You should add these items to your house checklist so you don’t miss a thing!

Changing Your Address

While most snail mail these days has found its way online, many services still rely on having your new address.

Here is a change of address checklist with a couple of providers to contact with your new address info before you move to the new house:

  • Banks and credit card accounts (other financial institutions)
  • Place of employment (they would need your new contact details)
  • Schools
  • voter registration
  • Life and car insurance (includes driver’s licence and other insurance providers)
  • Subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, etc)
  • Other professional services (delivery services, post office, etc)
  • Best friends and family

Other things to consider when moving

Of course, all of these steps are in addition to moving must-do’s. There’s also the cleaning of your new rental, and the organising of important areas like your pantry. But fret not, we’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t found your dream home yet, we can also help you out in that department. Browse our search page to check out some amazing listings available right now.

But don’t just stop there, download our app to get the full Soho experience. Just remember to shortlist or swipe left on our listings so we can send you others that better match what you’re looking for.

Isabelle de Braux
Isabelle is the Content Lead at Soho. Her dream home has a beachfront and giant kitchen island—possibly in the Byron region. Get in touch to explore content opportunities or just to say hi!
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