Five Cheap As Chips Ikea Homewares You Need In Your House

August 15, 2018
Ikea mirrors

There’s nothing quite like a guilt-free Ikea homeware purchase to bring some Swedish style to your space.

While the store may be known for hard-to-pronounce product names and frustratingly inconvenient flat-packed furniture, Ikea’s homewares rival some of the best.

Here are our top five picks for cheap as chips Ikea homewares.

Slipsten | Green wall clock

Ikea wall clock

Ikea wall clock

There’s just something about this toy-like, plastic clock that screams fashion. Its simplicity and subdued green tone is so appealing, that the $14.99 price tag seems like a misprint.

It is 35cm in diameter and claims to have no ‘disturbing ticking sounds’ due to a silent quartz movement. A must-have in any home.

See it here.

Tvilling | Plant poster set

Ikea plant poster setIkea plant posterThis set of two plant posters are a plant lover’s dream wall décor, featuring the cult favourite monstera deliciosa, or swiss cheese plant.

The watercolour prints would look beautiful in a plant filled room or effortlessly add some low maintenance greenery to a stark white space.

They measure 40 x 50 cm and cost $9.99 for the set. You can also pick up a simple black Ikea frame to fit the posters for $7.99. 

See it here.

Leifarne | Monochrome chair

Ikea chairIkea black and white chairIf you’re looking for a modern and affordable seating solution for your home, this monochrome minimalist chair certainly fits the bill.

Made from reinforced polypropylene plastic, the seat is super easy to keep clean and surprisingly comfortable. The underframe can also be purchased separately, meaning you can mix and match the seating and legs.

The chair combo retails for $40 – perhaps stretching the ‘cheap as chips’ claim but hey, for a modern furniture piece, it’s a steal.

See it here.

Vägmålla | Green throw

Ikea green throwIkea throw

This delightful pleated forest green throw looks amazing both tossed over the bed or on the sofa.

It’s a nice size at 160 x 120 cm and retails at $24.99 – easily half of what you would pay at a fancy bedding store. The rich green colour works beautifully with soft grey or white sofas and bed linen.

See it here.

Langesund | Round mirror

Ikea mirrorIkea mirrorsThis little round mirror is one of Ikea’s most versatile products and one which is a staple in any home. The classic round design and white frame means it would fit seamlessly into any space.

The mirror costs $29.99 and can be arranged in a pair over a double basin or used as an entryway wall piece.

If you’re completely stuck for ideas, lay the mirror flat in the centre of your table, add a few candles and you’ve got an on-trend table centrepiece – hello versatility.

See it here.

All images from Ikea AU.

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