8 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New Mattress

July 22, 2022
8 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New Mattress

While it may not be particularly stressful, choosing a new mattress is more than walking into your nearest bed store and picking the first recommended item. There are many brands on the market, each offering a range of options to choose from. 

Your mattress is like a long-term investment and can influence how healthy your sleep will be for however long you use it. Mattresses are made in different sizes, using various materials, with different sleeping needs in mind. 

There’s no one right solution for everyone—choose what works best for you. Here are eight things to remember that’ll help you buy your new mattress. 

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1. Research and read reviews

One of the most helpful advantages is prior knowledge of the products you’re looking at. A few quick internet searches should give you a reasonable grasp of what’s available to you—and a good idea of the price ranges you’ll have to consider. 

Whether shopping in-store or online, finding reviews of the mattresses you’re considering may be beneficial. Knowing what others who’ve bought that product have to say gives you a good idea of what to expect post-purchase. 

That said, you should take caution when reading reviews found on online stores as around 30% tend to be fake, according to Fakespot. Instead, find reliable reviews from transparent, honest and dedicated review resource sites like Mattress Reviews Australia.

2. Consider personal preference

It may be tempting to single out the best mattress and get it. This may work with other products, but mattress choice is subjective and individual. 

Considering that mattresses are generally kept for seven to ten years before being replaced, it’s best to prioritise your comfort and sleeping needs.

3. Understand the different types

Understand what different types of mattress interiors there are and how these influence the sleeping experience. Here are the different mattresses to look out for:


These mattresses are made with steel interior springs or coils for support. They’re among the oldest and most common mattresses. You’ll generally find these to be firmer than other options.

However, the springs can wear out and lose strength—often resulting in the development of dents in places where the most pressure is applied. Additionally, these mattresses tend to be somewhat ‘bouncy,’ which some may dislike.

Memory foam 

Another popular and widely available choice, memory foam mattresses conform to your body and regain their original shape when you get up. 

Memory foam mattresses offer good support, pressure resistance, and movement isolation. These qualities can be beneficial if you sleep on your side. 

Because memory foam mattresses vary in quality—cheaper options may feel hot and can lose their shape retention property over time.


Natural latex mattresses are comparable to memory foam as they have similar properties and offer many of the same benefits. The difference is that these are made from organic rubber, and are typically firmer and more resilient than memory foam. 

Latex mattresses also tend to cost a bit more, but the price can be worth the benefits they bring. 


Hybrids mix two or more of the interior mattress materials listed above. They come in various iterations. 

A common combination is having an innerspring bottom for support and memory foam or latex upper portion for the shape-conforming and pressure-relief properties. Another mix is memory foam and latex. 

Each hybrid mattress is different—keeping you from being restricted to just one inner material.


Need a little more help with your alignment when you sleep? Consider adjustable beds for proper sleep posture.

Adjustable mattresses give you control over alignment and firmness. Consequently, these are the least common and usually the most expensive. 

Adjustable mattresses come in different variations. Some mattresses may be adjustable independently, while others may require a mattress and base combination. 

4. Test before buying

8 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New Mattress

Most stores allow you to lay down on a mattress and test it before making a decision. 

If possible, try to spend some time on a mattress to see how it feels to you. Lay in your most common sleeping positions to test for comfort. 

Remember to test different mattress materials to find which you most prefer. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to test a mattress before buying if you’re shopping online though. 

In this case, try to buy from an online store that includes a refundable trial period. This way you can get your money back if the mattress doesn’t work for you. 

5. Firmness ratings aren’t standardised

This is another reason it’s essential to test a mattress before committing to a purchase. There’s no universal measurement for mattress firmness. 

Mattress firmness can vary between brands. One brand’s ‘extra firmness’ could be the equivalent of another brand’s ‘medium firmness.’

6. Double-check the warranty

Mattresses are an investment. They can be relatively expensive, and you probably don’t want to be buying a new mattress every two years. 

Most well-known mattress companies generally start their warranties at 10 years. Furthermore, your warranty should cover defects and breakage from use. 

A good warranty shows that the company believes in its product and upholds a quality standard. It also gives you security on your investment, potentially saving you money if the mattress breaks within its warranty.

7. Consider mattress size

8 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A New Mattress

As you probably know, mattresses are available in several different sizes. Bigger sizes usually cost more, but may also more comfortable for you.

Fortunately, mattress sizes are standardised. You may simply go for a mattress that fits your existing bed base if you aren’t replacing the latter.

On the other hand, you might be looking to replace your current bed with a bigger size—which means you need to check if it’ll fit the space you have available. Standardised sizes allow you to simply check your floor plan and make a few measurements to figure out which size will fit your bedroom.

8. Ask your doctor

If you’re concerned about physical and joint pain—especially if you currently experience pain while in bed—consider asking your doctor for their opinion. They may be able to suggest a better sleeping position for you, allowing you to then choose an appropriate mattress.

Alternatively, your healthcare provider may have a few recommendations for you. Remember to test before committing; you might find another option more comfortable.


Picking a new mattress is a decision that’ll influence your sleep, most likely for, at least, the next five to ten years or until you decide to replace it. Knowing what to look for before you start looking will help you figure out what you want or don’t. 

Remember that your mattress is probably where you’ll spend a lot of your time—people spend one-third of their lives asleep on average. So, make a choice you’ll be satisfied with.

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