How to Pick the Best Outside Building Colour For Your Home

May 9, 2022
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When family and friends come to visit your home, the first thing they’ll notice is the outside building colour. Whether you prefer a dark exterior or a light and cheery one, your home is a reflection of yourself. 

So when you’re planning to sell your home, or even when you just want to spruce things up, playing with the exterior of your house can be a huge step. Check out our tips before you change things up!

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Deciding on building exterior colour

To decide on the building exterior colour of your home, you should first what it is exactly that you want to accomplish with it. Are you going for a certain colour scheme for your entire house? Do you want your home to stand out or blend in with the surrounding nature?

By answering questions like these, you will have a clear idaea of how to go about the painting process. After all, the colour of your house is the first impression most people get. 

In deciding before picking up a brush, you are establishing a concept for your home that you would like to implement. A concept can seamlessly be turned into a reality.  

Look out for estate covenants

Before jumping into the process, though, you need to figure out which outdoor house colours are off-limits. This is because many estates make their tenants abide by certain rules and regulations regarding colour palettes and themes. 

The outside building colour is not only dependant on what you want to do. To maintain a certain uniformity within a neighbourhood or complex, rules are set in place so people do not stray too far from the palette.  

So, before you fall in love with a colour, make sure there are no restrictions on it. You will typically be able to find more information on this in your purchase agreement

red and white house with green grass lawn

Have a goal in mind

It may be difficult to come up with an exact colour scheme that you want to show off as your outside building colour, which is why it is best to dig through examples. It can be even more daunting trying to come up with a house exterior colour design! 

This is why you should try to find inspiration elsewhere. If you have a faint memory of a home you loved as a kid growing up, try going back to that mental picture to replicate or build inspiration from it. 

Another way to have a clear goal in mind is to go through builder websites or social media pages that show a variety of exterior home designs.    

Window shop outside building colours

Display homes are always available if you have hit a mental block. Not only will you get better idaeas about house exterior colours, but you can see different interior details that may just give you your next home project.

Visiting display homes to figure out your outside building colour is helpful because the aesthetics are usually all different, but still on-trend. Having an idaea of what is trending at the moment may also serve as inspiration.

Another benefit of window shopping is seeing the colours up close and personal. This way, you can ask the consultant what specific colour was used if you’re interested.  

white and brown concrete house under blue sky during daytime

Map out the outside house colours

Once you’ve decided on what colour scheme or theme you plan to go with for your outside house colours, the next step is to map everything out. To do this, you can create a flat lay board.  

The goal of a flat lay board is to view the colours laid out in front of you to see if they are appealing to the eye. You should put the paint colour along with different materials that you would use on your home’s exterior.

From there, you can figure out the combination and arrangement that the outside building colour works best with. Mixing colours is risky to do if you don’t already know exactly how they will be situated. 

Don’t be afraid of asking others

It’s quite normal to be wary of your own decisions especially when it comes to a project as important as the paint colour for your house. Don’t be afraid; you can always just ask for help! 

An outside party like family or friends that are not intimately involved in the choosing of the outside building colour can give a good outer perspective. Just as strangers will walk past your home and formulate a quick opinion, consulting people you trust to tell the truth can serve as a test drive for those unwanted opinions. 

You can also speak with a colour consultant who is an expert in home exterior. This way, you can ensure that the different hues blend nicely before making a final decision. 

blue and white house at daytime

Details are key in outside building colours

The outside house colours are a huge part of determining how you want the exterior of your home to look, but that’s not to say that the small details don’t play just as big of a role. 

Parts of the home aside from the outside building colour such as doors, trims, gutters, and flashing are all intricate pieces of a larger puzzle. These are the features that are going to make your home either blend into its surroundings or boldly stand out. 

A pop of colour to your home may be what you need for it to come together, but it is important to be careful with the details. Figuring out if that meshes well with the exterior natural lighting of your home along with the orientation can be essential to the final product. 

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