6 Secret Tips To Sell Your Farm Land For Top Dollar

March 21, 2022

If you are thinking about how to sell your farm land and move on to something different then now is one of the best times.

Farmhouses are in high demand and a well-thought-out selling plan will help your farmhouse sell for as much as possible. Whether you bought cheap Australian land for sale or had a farmhouse for rent and are ready to sell, we’ve got the ultimate guide.

If you want a few tips to make sure you get the best price for your farmhouse then keep reading.

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Choose the right agent

When you start looking to sell your farmhouse you should start looking for an agent too. You want a real estate agent that has experience with selling farm properties and one that’s local to the area. Selling farm properties is slightly different and requires a bit of knowledge on how to market them to the right people while a local agent will likely have connections to buyers that aren’t on a regular market so you can be sure you’re getting the best price possible.

Start repairing

There is a fine balance between what you should invest into repairs and what you will end up getting back on your sale so you need to research your repair costs before you start. Also, make sure you give yourself a timeline of when you want your home to be listed so you can make your repair schedule around that. 

If you want the best return for the lowest cost then you might want to stick to repairing cosmetic things and leaving larger jobs like a new roof to the net buyer. This will depreciate your value slightly but you can make up for it if you have a gorgeous-looking home interior and impeccable looking property.

Fix anything that needs to be fixed (broken fence, temporary electrical fixes, etc.) and then start focusing on beautifying.

Slap on the paint

sell your farm land

Painting is an obvious step when it comes to making a home for sale look fresh and new but you need to make the right color choices. Painting everything white works sometimes but others find it too sterile and boring. Adding a few bits of bold color (like a bright green breakfast nook or an orange bathroom) to some areas in the home can help the buyer picture themselves living in it. 

Look for areas that have a great potential for an accent wall and test out a few paint swatches before you make a decision, Keep in mind that when you show the home, you will likely have the curtains open and natural light coming in so choose your paint colour based on what it looks like under the sun.

Buyers want a home that is move-in ready so avoid dark accent colours that look difficult to cover. 

Get outdoors

A farmhouse property has more than just the house itself and you need to ensure that the entire space looks and feels like a home. Clean up your yard and start looking for places where you can make improvements. Now is the best time to fix those patio stones and repair that rotten wood on the deck because the property is just as important. 

If your property has a barn or any space for livestock then do your best to clean up as much as you can. If you have a barn on your property that hasn’t been used in a while (or at all) then ask your real estate agent to look into staging it for potential buyers. An empty barn looks nice but a barn that is full of tack, hay, and equipment will show off the space much better. 

Stage it inside

Hiring a company to stage your home is a great idea if you want it to look its best before you try and sell it. Help them out as much as you can by letting them tour the space before they start working on staging it. If you are unable to let them see it in person, give as many photos and details as you can so they can get an idea of what direction they want to take. 

If you decide to stage the home yourself then look for ideas on design websites or home shows so you can get a feel for what a farmhouse should look like. Farmhouses are sold to families or prospective families most often so try appealing to them by making your home feel cozy and welcoming. 


Get what it’s worth

After your home has been prepared for sale, you need to start working towards putting it on the market. Make sure you consider everything when it comes to choosing a price to sell your farm land and do some research on home values in the area. 

You also want to make sure you’re selling the property in the right place so ask your real estate agent where they are advertising your home for sale. If you’re selling yourself, make sure you look at local agriculture sales websites to see if you can post your listing there. Appealing directly to people who know what the property entails is a great way to find a  buyer who is going to be interested in the property as-is. 

Selling your farmhouse is easy if you have everything in place and you’re sure to make top dollar if you make some minor improvements. A real estate agent is the best way to ensure that your home is advertised to as many people as possible and it’s one of the best ways to make sure you get the best price for your home sale. 

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