5 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

September 6, 2022

In 75% of burglaries, it takes the intruder less than 5 minutes to break in. If they are unable, they will likely move on to the next house. Is your home as safe as you think?

There are many ways that intruders can get into your home. By taking some simple precautions, you can make your home more secure to help keep you and your family safe.

1. Get a security camera system

A security camera system can be a great way to deter criminals and keep your home or business safe. You don’t need a professional to install a security system for you. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable DIY friendly security systems available on the market today.

Cameras can be placed inside and outside of your property, and they can be monitored remotely from your computer or even phone. Many security systems come with features like motion-activated recording, night vision, and real-time alerts, which can give you peace of mind knowing that your property is being protected at all times. Additionally, security camera footage can be used as evidence if a crime does occur.

If you’re looking for an extra layer of security, a security camera system may be the right choice for you. 

2. Lock your doors and windows when you’re not home

This may sound like an obvious one, but it is surprising how many people won’t lock all of their doors and windows when leaving the house! According to Crimsafe, 32% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door. It’s important to keep your doors and windows locked when you’re not home. This helps to deter burglars and keep your home safe.

Try to get into a routine of doing this each and every time you leave the house, even if you’re just popping out for a quick minute! If possible, use a deadbolt lock on the door. You should also lock any doors leading to the garage or other areas of your home such as side-doors that a burglar could access.

3. Install motion-sensor lights around the outside of the house

Installing motion-sensor lights around the outside of the house is an easy way to deter burglars. When a burglar approaches a house, they will usually look for dark areas where they can break in without being seen.

By installing motion-sensor lights, you can make it very difficult for a burglar to approach your house unseen. Unwanted visitors are likely to get startled when the motion-sensor light turns on, causing them to potentially flee. Motion-sensor lights are one of the easiest DIY options for improving your home security, and extra effective when combined with other tactics!

4. Install a doorbell camera

A whopping 34% of burglars enter right through the front door. A doorbell camera is a great way to see who is at your front door without having to open it. This can be especially useful if you are expecting a package or to discover someone you don’t know at the front door.

Many doorbell cameras are motion sensitive, and can connect straight to your phone, meaning you are notified via an alert whenever motion is detected at your front door. Doorbell cameras typically come with two-way audio, so you can also talk to the person at your door.

Many doorbell cameras also have night vision, so you can see who is there even at night. Luckily for you, these are relatively easy to install – the most popular on the market being Ring.

5. Last but not least, consider getting a dog!

It’s no secret that dogs make great pets. They’re loyal, loving, and fun to be around. But did you know that dogs can also improve the security of your home? Studies have shown that burglars are less likely to target homes with dogs, as they tend to be noisy and make it more difficult to break in undetected.

Have you got a cute little fluffy pup? Is your dog not particularly ‘mean’ looking? Not to worry, even the smallest of dogs can provide an early warning system, alerting you to the presence of strangers on your property. Any noise can be a deterrent for an unwanted visitor. 

If you are considering getting a dog, not only will you be getting a loyal friend, but you’ll also be giving yourself an extra layer of protection!

Consider hiring a home security expert if you are unsure

While each of these tips can help improve your home security, it’s important to remember that no one system is foolproof. If you want the most effective DIY solution possible, then consider combining all of our tips above. 

Every property, surrounding area and suburb is different, so if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, consider hiring a home security expert. A home security professional will visit your property, and prepare a home security plan unique to your individual property and needs, effectively maximising your home security.

Of course, this may not be as cheap as some of our DIY tips above, but it will give you the peace of mind that the most comprehensive solution possible has been implemented.

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