Building Company Collapse: What Happened in 2023 and How to Move Forward

The building company collapse in Australia in 2023 sent shockwaves through the construction industry, leading many to question the underlying causes and immediate aftermath. From supply chain glitches to labor market upheaval and stressed economies, this article lays out what happened to trigger such a wide-scale industry crisis and the ensuing impact that has since […]

Brisbane House Prices: Will They Keep Growing in 2024 or Hit a Plateau?

Brisbane house prices: will they keep growing in 2024? This article tackles the question head-on, exploring the various factors – from demographic changes to interest rates – that could drive or dampen Brisbane’s housing market dynamics. Without diving too deep into speculation, we provide a concise preview of the probable trends as Brisbane steps into […]

Brisbane Property Market 2024 Predictions: Trends and Projections

What will the Brisbane property market look like in 2024? From price changes to emerging hotspots, we’ve analysed patterns and projections to give you grounded predictions for the next year. Whether you’re investing or buying, get ahead with our overview of the key factors shaping Brisbane’s real estate future, providing the information you need without […]

Why is it Harder for Millennials to Buy Homes Now?

Are you in your 30s trying to get onto the property ladder and wondering, why is it harder for millennials to buy homes now? Well, the short of it is – crazy-high property prices and wages that just don’t seem to move. So, if you’re feeling seen, read on to learn more about: Rising Property […]

What is Property Tax Depreciation and How Does it Work in 2024?

Property tax depreciation is key for property investors in Australia. It involves the decrease in value of your property and assets over time, affecting your tax liabilities and investment strategy. This guide will simplify property tax depreciation for you. We will look into: The Basics of Depreciation for Investment Properties Depreciation is a term that […]

What is the Best Month to Buy a Beach House in Australia?

Dreaming of owning a beautiful beach house in Australia? You’re not alone! But a big mistake many homebuyers make is not considering the season. Timing is crucial in the real estate market, and this is especially true for beach properties. And what experts are saying is that September is the best month to take the […]

VIC Super Sat Feb 2024: Top Agency Highlights

VIC Super Sat Feb 2024: Top Agency Highlights

As the real estate spotlight turned to Victoria for its Super Saturday event, the anticipation and energy in the air was palpable. Originating from Melbourne and spreading its influence across Australia, Super Saturday has become a pivotal moment for the real estate industry, marking a day of significant sales and bustling auction activity. This February, […]

Feb 2024 NSW Super Saturday Sales: Top Agency Wins

Feb 2024 NSW Super Saturday Sales

Super Saturday has become a key date in the Australian real estate calendar, particularly in New South Wales. It’s the day when a large number of properties hit the auction market all at once generating a buying frenzy. Originating in Melbourne in 2011, this event has quickly become a highlight in Sydney and other major […]