Top Storage Tips for Small Apartments

May 22, 2019
White and beige bedroom

Clutter can feel like a constant for those living in a small apartment so it’s important to utilise all available storage space. The better your storage, the cleaner and calmer your home will be.

Here are our top storage tips for small apartments:

1. Look beneath the bed

Modern apartment

The space beneath your bed is the perfect place for storage. Purchase small foldable boxes, either cube or rectangle, and organise them neatly under your bed. This will keep your bedroom floor tidy and hide away items that would otherwise get in your way.

If you are short on cupboard space this is also a great cost-effective alternative to store clothes, scarves, socks and more.

2. Be savvy when shopping

Ensure you get the most out of your apartment by knowing the dimensions of the floorplan before buying furniture. For example, it would be unreasonable to buy a three-seater lounge if your living room simply cannot accommodate its size.

Along with the measurements, always look for furniture that serves more than one purpose. Foldable tables, ottomans with under seat storage, futons, coffee tables with compartments and corner shelves that double as décor can all add to the aesthetic of your home while providing additional storage space.

3. Alternate between seasons

If you find yourself short of cupboards, try alternating your wardrobe as the seasons change. Vacuum packing out-of-season clothing like bulky winter coats can create space in your cupboards in the summer, making organisation much easier.

Vacuum bags are perfect for seasonal short-term storage but should be avoided if you’re going to store long term as they can affect the shape and fit of items.

4. Embrace shelves

Storage doesn’t have to be dark and dingy. The right shelving can add character and charm to your home while creating ample space. Use tall shelves and bookcases to maximise the vertical length of rooms and avoid any wide cabinetry. This will make your home feel more spacious and open.

Along with the practicality, storing books, vases and other accessories on open shelves can add pops of colour to your interior, giving it a fresh feel without completely restyling.

Why not add a few indoor plants to the top shelves for a hint of green and an inviting natural vibe?

5. Get creative

Whether it’s kitchen cabinet doors or your bathroom cupboards, there is space to be used on the inside of them. With just a couple of metal racks, you can turn the interior of your kitchen doors into an easy-to-use spice rack.

Or add plastic hooks to the inside of your bathroom cupboards to hang hair dryers and straighteners. Remember to leave enough room for the doors to close properly.

6. Kid friendly storage

Colourful kids bedroom

When you live in a small apartment, the sheer volume of things you need to raise a child can feel suffocating. Planning is paramount to ensure you have exactly what you need while still having room to enjoy.

For the kids’ room, get creative with drawers and boxes. Personalise drawers with trendy calligraphy or buy storage boxes to suit a colour scheme you and your kids will enjoy. This will blend your storage with style, and make you feel confident about the organisation and overall look of the kids’ room. 

If you still feel like you are bursting at the seams, consider researching a toy library. For a small fee, parents can get access to hundreds of games, toys, craft kits and puzzles.

Toy libraries offer parents a place to try and swap toys on a regular basis, meaning you won’t have to store an enormous amount in your own apartment.

For more tips on storage and how to declutter your home, read our article ‘10 Marie Kondo approved decluttering tips for your home’.

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