The Pros & Cons of a Tree Change

April 25, 2022
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So, what is a tree change? Though Australia is blessed with several species of trees, this conversation has nothing to do with them. A tree change describes a move from the urban space to a more serene and quiet country setup.

The move doesn’t have to be drastic; relocating into the middle of nowhere with no electricity, running water, or sewerage. It could be to the city’s outskirts where you can enjoy the fresh air and a larger front yard.

So, what are the benefits of making such a move? Find out below. 

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Why make a tree change?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the country registered its largest outflow of citizens from cities during 2020. This can be attributed to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government placed strict social distancing and health protocol measures. They restricted movement and social functions. Confined to an apartment, urban dwellers found a greater appreciation for the outdoor spaces.

Also, most companies changed their working models, allowing their staff to work from the comfort of their homes. This model has worked wonders for employees with young ones and health problems. 

And even with the vaccine rollout, corporations now offer employees the chance to work from home. Employees only need to avail themselves of one or two meetings in a month.

The benefits of a tree change

The first benefit is what everybody must be thinking about; housing costs. You can expect to pay less to own or rent property in the regional areas. Households can redirect the extra money to savings and other financial needs.

The cost of living in the regional areas is also lower. Residents of rural areas can attest to paying less for food, healthcare, utilities, and transportation costs.

Say goodbye to the hours spent in traffic. Depending on the hour you live to and from work, urban residents can spend hours in traffic. Expect shorter commute times in the regional ways. You can spend the extra hours learning a new skill, catching up with the family, or building your profession to the next level.

One key benefit of moving away from the city is enjoying value for every dollar spent. Whether it’s buying a new household item, paying for renovations to the house, or purchasing food, you can feel the utility derived from the items or services bought. You can enjoy the city’s luxurious lifestyle at a very affordable cost.

We have to mention the quality of life. With less commute time, fresh air, and green spaces all around, the amount of stress is bound to reduce. This change will reflect better interactions with your partner and children. Expect an increase in your productivity and health.

Better quality of life with a tree change

The cons of a tree change

Like all things on the earth’s surface, choosing to move to a rural area comes with its own set of challenges. Our team has outlined some below.

After being raised and living in an urban area, making a move can shock the system. Life there is slower, the community lifestyle is more emphasised, and recreational opportunities are not as many. One needs to seriously consider relocating since it might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Every parent’s dream is to give their children the best education possible. A challenge of relocation to the outskirts might be the quality of study options in the area. You might be required to consider a boarding school for the younger ones. It is easier if the kids have finished high school.

Being in a rural area, you might experience inevitable disruptions or events. These events are considered one-time events in the city. They are more frequent in the rural areas. These might include fallen trees and flooded roads. These events may lead to a disruption of services to your property.

Without street lighting, you will be surprised at how dark an area may be. The rural country may be quite eerie at night since you would have spent most of your life in the urban areas. Always have a working torch in the car and the house.

Is a tree change the right choice for you and your household?

Better quality of life with a tree change

A key consideration that you should keep an eye out for is transport. You will still need to make your way to the nearest town or market to do shopping, dine, or collect your packages. Check whether the area has good weather roads that can serve you all year long.

What is the availability of services and utilities? Just because you are in the bush doesn’t mean you should live like a caveman. You should be able to receive calls and get steady reception for your TV. How good is the internet connection? It is also important to note that not all areas have good service.

Choose a property in line with your lifestyle needs, personality, and dreams. Every property owner is unique when it comes to all three.

How will relocating affect your career? Life is cheaper on the outskirts. You will pay less for goods and services. But, you still have financial needs and dependents, for those with young ones. You might need to readjust your spending. Most corporations’ salaries are lower outside the city.

Remember when we talked about hobbies and interests? Some people have reinvented themselves after moving from the city. Set up a business to make up for the difference in salary.

Looking for your tree change home?

Better quality of life with a tree change

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