Suburb Profile: Broome WA

July 8, 2021
Camel ride on Cable Beach

Broome is a beach resort town situated on a peninsula in Western Australia, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Located in the heart of the Kimberley region, it’s a popular gateway town to many of the natural wonders this part of Australia has to offer.

While relatively small, Broome is a character-filled, one-of-a-kind town.

With European maritime and indigenous Australian influences, Broome has an extraordinary past as a pearling town and was originally constructed on the back of a thriving pearling industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about renting, buying and selling property in the isolated, rugged and unique town of Broome.

Top things to do in Broome

Search for dinosaur footprints

Broome has some of the largest and most diverse dinosaur footprints in the world. There’s no shortage of these prints, which have been fossilised in rocky surfaces.

Broome dinosaur footprintsAs they can be a bit hard to find on your own, you’re best viewing these as part of an organised tour, which will also give you a bit more information on the history of dinosaurs in Broome and the giants whose prints you’re about to see.

There are new footprints being discovered all the time too, so there’s always more to see and learn about Broome’s pre-historic era.

Catch a flick the world’s oldest open-air cinema

Steeped in Australian history, the heritage listed Sun Pictures is the oldest open-air cinema in the world and one of the most charming places you’ll visit in Broome.

Sun Pictures Broome
Source: Lonely Planet

While it screens newly released movies under the stars each night, it still retains its old-world charm with a cash-only box office, rustic timber deck chair frames and other memorabilia.

Sun Pictures Broome
Source: BBC

The cinema has been featured on the big screen itself in films Australia and Bran Nue Dae.

This is a must do in Broome and your chance to be part of living history.

View the staircase to the moon

This natural phenomenon is hugely popular for tourists, if they can time their trip accordingly. And it’s a beautiful and loved sight for locals too.

Each full moon from March to October makes the exposed tidal flats at Roebuck Bay appear like a glowing staircase to the moon.

This generally happens over two to three days per month in this period.

The first two days of the phenomenon usually play host to the Staircase to the Moon markets at Town Beach, where you can explore local produce and handicrafts and enjoy some live entertainment. 

A day at Cable Beach

Stretching 22 kilometres, Cable Beach has some of Australia’s (if not the world’s) whitest sands and clearest waters.

This infamous beach is a huge drawcard for visitors and can get quite busy. But thankfully due to it’s sheer size, you’re bound to find a quiet patch all to yourself.

Camel ride on Cable BeachIf you’re heading in for a dip, be careful of the deadly Irukandji jellyfish which visit the Kimberley from November to April, in the wet season.

With such gorgeous views, it’s the perfect spot for a sunset camel ride. 

Visit the breathtaking landscapes of the Kimberleys

The Kimberley is home to some of our country’s most incredible natural beauty.

The KimberleyWhether you want to visit a single site on the weekend or make a proper trip of it to view them all, there are so many natural wonders to discover here including spectacular gorges, waterfalls, national parks, stunning beaches, cave systems and meteor craters.

Stretching out over 423,000 kilometres, this area has fewer people per square metre than any other place in the world, so is perfect if you enjoy some solitude.

Quick stats

  • Postcode– 6725
  • Vacancy rate– 3 per cent
  • Median house value– $390,154
  • Median unit value– $223,942
  • Price growth – House prices in Broome have decreased by 23.66 per cent in the past three years while unit prices have decreased by 26.48 per cent in the same period
  • Rental returns– The average house in Broome has a weekly median rent of $485 and average rental returns of 19.80 per cent, while units have a median weekly rent of $330 and average returns of 6.60 per cent
  • Average listing duration– 217 days for houses; 182 days for units
  • Average weekly income– $994
Broome weekly income graph

  • Dwelling type– The majority of properties are houses (47 per cent)
Dwelling type graph

  • Occupation– The majority of residents are technicians and trade workers
Occupation graph Broome

  • Ownership– The majority of properties are rented (60 per cent) while 17 per cent are fully owned
Home ownership graph

  • Birthplace– 71 per cent of Broome residents are Australian
  • Age – The majority of residents are aged 0-19 years (25 per cent) followed by those in the 20-29 age group.

Age range graph

Learn more about the stats and figures for Broome.

Places to eat in Broome

Despite it’s small size, Broome’s culinary scene punches above its weight.

Its food showcases the influence Chinese and Japanese migrants have had on the town, with a selection of incredible Asian eateries, as well as the freshness and quality of local seafood.

Zensai is a top choice for Japanese cuisine in an elegant setting. Located in the Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa it offers all the classics such as chicken karaage, tempura and a mouth-watering selection of sashimi.

For some modern Asian food head to The Aarli where you can enjoy the quaint outdoor setting shaded by frangipani trees.

The Aarli. Source: Trip Advisor
The Aarli. Source: Trip Advisor

Wharf restaurant, while a touch pricier, is a great for a long seafood lunch and if you’re lucky you might even spot a whale.

Source: Wharf Restaurant
Source: Wharf Restaurant

If you’re looking for a café you can’t go past Good Cartel, offering quality coffee, healthy juices, Mexican-themed breakfasts and burgers on Friday nights and weekends.

Transport in Broome

Broome has its own regional airport, the Broome International Airport, conveniently located close to the town centre. For local transport options, there are bus and taxi services.

Hospitals and healthcare in Broome

Broome has a hospital, several medical centres, pharmacies and services for podiatry, dental, mental health and optical.

Education and childcare in Broome

In Broome you will find the University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome Primary School, Sacred Heart School, Uupababa’s Kindy, Broome Senior High School, St Mary’s Primary Campus and The Broome Academy of Music, as well as a number of childcare options.

Shopping in Broome

There are two main shopping centres in Broome – Boulevard Shopping Centre and Paspaley Plaza. There are also a number of stand alone shops scattered around the town.

For your grocery needs there is a Woolworths, a Coles and an IGA X-Press.

Sports and recreation in Broome

For keeping active there is a health and fitness centre, a recreation and aquatic centre, a bowling club and yoga, just to name a few options. And of course, there are many options to get active outdoors with water sports, beach walks and fishing.

Entertainment in Broome

For entertainment you simply cannot go past the Sun Pictures cinema.

There are also a number of bars and hotels, some favourites including 18 degrees, Matso’s Broome Brewery, Bay Club and Captain Murphy’s Irish Pub.

Source: Matso's
Source: Matso’s Broome Brewery

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