Should I Buy a House in Point Cook?

December 6, 2022
Should I buy a house in Point Cook

Key takeaways:

  • Point Cook’s median house price grew by 9.43% in the past year.
  • Point Cook rental snapshot: $430 per week with a 3.1% rental yield, or $370 per week with a 3.9% rental yield.
  • Aside from traffic congestion and high rent prices, there are few downsides to living in Point Cook.

If you’re wondering, should I buy a house in Point Cook? You’ve come to the right place.

The housing market has been volatile in the past few years, and it’s becoming more difficult to buy a house today. Melbourne is one of the most populated cities in Australia. If you’re considering moving there but are unsure if it will be worth it, you might want to consider Point Cook.

Point Cook is a suburb of Melbourne that has become increasingly popular with people looking for affordable homes and most importantly—amenities in close proximity. It is believed that now is an excellent time to settle down in Point Cook because the pressure has eased off the housing market, and values have increased. 

In this blog post, we will explore what Point Cook offers homebuyers and how they can maximize their chances of finding the right property.

Should you invest in Point Cook? Is it a good move?

For nearly a decade, Point Cook has seen strong growth. Based on the past year, Point Cook has seen a an annual growth rate of 9.43% for houses. A total of 1,268 houses were sold in the last 12 months, between November 2021 to October 2022, with 374 houses available in October 2022. 

This shows that there is growing interest in the suburb, especially in houses, and your house will probably appreciate over time.

If you’re searching for a house as an investment, the rent details go like this: $430 per week with a 3.1% rental yield, or $370 per week with a 3.9% rental yield.

But if you’re seriously thinking, “should I buy a house in Point Cook” make sure you do your research. Many reputable estate agents in the area can help you find the right property at the right price.

Is Point Cook a good place to live?

Should I Buy a House in Point Cook
House for sale in Point Cook on

Point Cook is a wonderful suburb of Melbourne, and it’s considered one of the most affordable places to live in Victoria. 

The town has close access to the coastline and plenty of capital growth potential. Schools, shopping, healthcare, transport and family-friendly amenities make it an attractive community for residents. Even transport is simple, and traveling by train in Point Cook is a common method of getting around.

With a population of around 66,781 people, it’s a great place to raise a family. Plenty of playgrounds and parks make it an amazing place to spend time with your kids.

The weather in Point Cook is another reason. Generally, it is very dry and warm, which makes it a pleasant place to live if you’re the sort of person who loves getting out in the sun. Even in the very heart of winter, temperatures rarely drop below 7 degrees Celsius, ensuring you’ll be much more comfortable year-round.

A plethora of activities is available. Point Cook is the place to be for aviation lovers, with its 100-year-old airbase. Another attraction is for bird lovers. The coastal area near Point Cook attracts several rare and endangered birds. 

Should I Buy a House in Point Cook

There are also some downsides to living in Point Cook. For instance, traffic congestion and high rental and real estate prices in Point Cook.

There have been incidents of Point Cook flooding as well, with the last significant event occurring in January 2022 which involved power outages. But the government considers this a top priority and works on prevention and recovery plans.

But overall, it’s an excellent place to live. The schools in Point Cook are top-notch, and the community is supportive and friendly.

Is Point Cook a rich area?

Some people still ask should I buy a house in Point Cook or drop the idea as it is considered affluent. Here’s the truth. Point Cook is an upcoming suburb of Melbourne, Australia and growing at a rapid rate. With house sales reaching an all-time high, and a good of people showing interest, the place is definitely the most sought after.

However, it isn’t generally thought of as an expensive area in Australia.

What is Point Cook known for?

Point Cook is home to RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), the world’s second oldest air force – second only to Britains’. The RAAF was officially formed in 1921, but the Central Flying School started its work long before then, in 1913.

Should I Buy a House in Point Cook

If you don’t like the outdoors, or any of the parks and outdoor locations around Point Cook, this place is also a great suburb because it has 130 special stores on offer. There are numerous cafes, takeaways, and pubs that appeal to people from around the world. 

The RAAF Museum is one of the most revered points of interest in Point Cook. Some popular sites among tourists include the Point Cook Homestead and Point Cook Coastal Park, as well as the Werribee Open Range Zoo and Werribee Park Mansion.

What land is Point Cook on?

In the City of Wyndham local government area, Point Cook is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, approximately 22 kilometres (14 miles) southwest of the city’s CBD.

Who built the original Point Cook Homestead?

Thomas Chirnside, along with his brother Andrew created a prosperous pastoral empire. Thomas began building the opulent bluestone Point Cook Homestead in 1852 after purchasing land there.

The brothers produced several Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, and Derby winners at the Point Cook Homestead stables, who had a keen interest in breeding bloodstock and importing racehorses from Scotland and England.

Summing up

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