Does Point Cook Have a Train Station?

December 5, 2022
Does Point Cook have a train station

Key takeaways:

  • Williams Landing station is the suburb’s main station which connects you to Melbourne CBD.
  • The two smaller train stations are Hoppers Crossing Railway Station and Laverton Railway Station.
  • Point Cook has 7 major bus routes that operate every day of the week.

Point Cook is a small town located in the South West region of Victoria, Australia. Are you wondering does Point Cook have a train station? 

The town is serviced by the Williams Landing train station, which provides daily transportation to Melbourne. Point Cook is also home to several tourist attractions, including the city centre and the Point Cook RAAF museum

Point Cook has a well-connected bus service with seven major bus routes that operate every day. The suburb is served by the Point Cook Road and Forsyth Road exits. The road is a major arterial road for Point Cook, and the Princes Freeway connects it to the city centre. 

The suburb also has a 4th Freeway interchange with a new Palmers Road off-ramp, serving as an alternate route to the freeway from Point Cook Road. Keep reading to find out in detail about the train station and other transportation choices in Point Cook. 

Does Point Cook have a train station?

Point Cook has one central train station and two close stations connecting the suburb to significant regions of the city. You may be glad to know how well-connected the suburb is to the city when looking for property for sale Point Cook

Does Point Cook have a train station

Williams Landing train station

Williams Landing railway station operates on the Werribee line in Victoria, Australia. Construction, architecture and the Point Cook train station plan were done to meet the needs of the growing population. The station has a new island platform with two faces, a taxi rank, a park, a riding facility, and a new bus terminal

Platform 1 has the line covering all stations to Flinders Street and Frankston. Platform 2 services to Werribee. Moreover, the station is equipped with a pedestrian footbridge and 500 spaces. The basic ticket cost starts from $5, and the journey may take 24-53 minutes

You may have to check the Point Cook train timetable before boarding and buying tickets to reach your destination on time. CDC Melbourne has seven routes to and from Williams Landing station. It’s under contract to Public Transport Victoria, serving all the residents and visitors. 

Laverton Railway Station, Melbourne

Opened in July 1886, the Laverton railway station operates on the Werribee line. The station has one island platform and one side platform. It offers three services. Platform 1 operates Flinders Street and Frankston. The service Werribee from platform 2 is only available on weekdays. 

Hoppers Crossing Railway Station

The Hoppers crossing railway station operates between Werribee Terminus and Williams Landing towards Frankston via Flinders Street on the Werribee line. It has a single platform with two faces. The station has 240 parking spaces and 8 bicycle facilities. Now you have your answer to the question does Point Cook have a train station? 

Travelling by bus in Point Cook

You’ll find major routes connecting to the railway station. Travel on route 493 to reach Hoppers Crossing from Williams Landing railway station via Dunnings Road and Boardwalk Boulevard.  

Route 495 covers Boardwalk Bvd, Dunnings Road, and Featherbrooke Estate. Stops for Route 498 are located on Dunnings Rd. You can reach Point Cook South via routes 494 and 495, covering Dunnings Road, Sommersby Road, and Alamanda Boulevard. 

Route 497 Williams Landing railway station – Saltwater Coast Estate operates via Dunnings Rd, Point Cook Rd, and Saltwater Prom. 

Lastly, 498 Laverton railway station–Hoppers Crossing Station operates via Central Av, Point Cook Rd, Dunnings Rd, Sneydes Rd, and Hoppers Ln.

All these buses are operated every day by CDC Melbourne

What train line is Point Cook on?

Does Point Cook Have a Train Station

The Point Cook train line is on the Werribee Line. The railway station on the Werribee Line was opened on 30 April 2013

How far is Point Cook from the city?

Point Cook is 22 km (14 mi) from Melbourne. The driving distance is approximately 24 minutes. If you’re travelling by train, it will take around 53 min to reach Point Cook from the city. This short trip makes it easy to commute if you’re studying in Point Cook

Is Point Cook a good suburb?

Point Cook has a variety of housing types and is popular with families. The suburb has plenty of amenities, including parks, shops, schools, and medical facilities. Some residents claim that Point Cook is an excellent suburb to live in due to its close proximity to the city. Moreover, many people travel to the city for work and studies. 

Overall, Point Cook is a suburb that offers plenty of conveniences and is reasonably safe for residents. The suburb has good schools and a range of shopping facilities. Many people are looking for buying a house in Point Cook as it has one of the best schools and an exciting, thriving suburban life. 

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