How More People Are Recycling Their Water At Home

February 9, 2018

Water is a precious, precious resource.

Life can’t exist without it. So, it’s important we take steps to conserve it where we can.

While it might seem like a daunting task, more people are now recycling their water at home with a few simple changes.

We look at how they’re doing it.

Rain barrel

rain barrel

When you think about it, this is such a simple and sensible idea.

Instead of using the mains water system to water your garden, collect rainwater instead. Using water as nature intended. As always, there are basic ways to do things and more complicated (and costly) ways.

The simplest thing we’ve seen people do is to place a large barrel underneath their gutter’s downspout. Then the water just runs in and fills it when it rains.

Greywater systems

There are two water systems in your house.

A greywater and blackwater system.

The blackwater is essentially the dirty water that we want to stay away from – it comes from the toilet. Greywater comes from sinks, washing machines, bathtubs etc.

This can be reused because it doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria. Installing a greywater system means that this water doesn’t go to waste.

It gets reused for things such as flushing the toilet.

Reuse excess drinking water

recycling water

Think about how much water is wasted just by not drinking the last drop out of a glass.

It’s something that’s so easy to rectify.

Some people use that leftover water to feed their houseplants or if it’s been sweetened, to water the plants in their gardens (steer clear of using sweetened water on houseplants, unless you want ants!).

Use a shower bucket

This is so simple. Everyone has to run the shower to warm it up before you get in.

Instead of just letting the water run away, people use a bucket to collect the water and reuse it somewhere else. You’ll be surprised at how much water can be collected.

Save cooking water

Each time you cook veggies or pasta and then drain them, place a bowl under the colander to collect the water.

The starchy water from pasta is good for soups. Or the nutrient-dense water from your veggies could be used for sauces or gravy.

Save water when you wash fruit and veg

In a similar way to saving the cooking water, place a bowl under the colander when you wash fruit and veg.

Then this can be used to water the garden or flush the toilet.

Such a simple and effective way to save water, rather than just letting it run away down the sink.

Use buckets instead of hosepipes

recycling water washing car

Instead of using hosepipes to clean cars, people have been using buckets.

This means that they avoid unused water just running away down the drain. The leftover soapy/dirty water in the bucket can also be thrown onto the lawn.

Create a rain garden

Rain gardens take advantage of the land’s natural water runoff to nourish the plants and shrubbery that live there.

They’re constructed so that it uses water that would otherwise have run off into the sewage system.

By diverting water from the storm drain, people are not only avoiding wastage, they’re giving the sewage system a break.

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