RBA Rates News: Chronology Since May 2022

February 22, 2024
RBA rates news

RBA rates news has been dominating headlines since May 2022, when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) embarked on a mission to combat rising inflation by raising the cash rate target.

If you’re struggling to remember what change was made when, this article will take you on a whirlwind tour of their decisions, impacting everything from mortgage holders to the broader Australian economy.

We’ve also included links to Soho’s own RBA rates news so you can read more about specific changes in our articles.

7th February 2024: Holding Cash Rate at 4.35%

The latest board meeting update brings a temporary reprieve. The RBA board decided to hold the cash rate steady at 4.35%. While inflation remains a concern, promising economic data suggests initial rate hikes are having an effect. It’s a wait-and-see approach for now, but stay tuned for future announcements.

November 2023: Cash Rate Pushed to 4.35%

  • Inflationary pressures resurfaced, prompting a 0.25% increase to 4.35%.
  • This move signaled the RBA’s commitment to price stability despite potential impacts on borrowers and household budgets.
  • The decision came amid mixed economic data, with strong population growth offset by concerns about the global economy.

Read more about the cash rate hike to 4.35% in Soho’s article.

July – October 2023: Uncertainties Lead to Hold at 4.10%

Global economic uncertainties prompted the RBA to maintain the 4.10% cash rate. This central bank decision reflected a cautious approach amidst ongoing inflation and potential risks associated with further tightening.

Read more about the cash rate hold at 4.10% here.

June 2023: Upward Trend Resumes with +0.25% to 4.10%

RBA rates news

The tightening stance continued with a 0.25% increase to 4.10%. This marked the 12th increase since May 2022, highlighting the RBA’s unwavering commitment to curbing inflation, even amid concerns about mortgage holders and cost of living pressures.

Soho covered the June 2023 interest rate hike – read about it!

May 2023: Further Increase to 3.85%

Unrelenting inflationary pressures necessitated another 0.25% hike to 3.85%. This move prioritized battling inflation despite potential impacts on economic growth and consumer spending.

Read more about the May 2023 Cash Rate Increase here.

Earlier Hikes (April 2023 – December 2022): Fight Against Inflation

The preceding months witnessed a series of steady rate increases, each by 0.25%, reflecting the RBA’s unwavering commitment to price stability. Below are all the interest rate decisions made within this period and links out to Soho’s updates if you want to learn more:

  • 3.60% in April 2023: This hike came on the heels of strong inflation data and ongoing concerns about wage increases fueling price pressures.
  • 3.35% in February 2023: This decision marked the eighth consecutive increase since May 2022, highlighting the RBA’s determination to address high inflation, even as household budgets tightened.
  • 3.10% in December 2022: This move followed the federal government’s decision to delay the third stage of tax cuts, potentially easing some inflationary pressures.
  • 2.85% in November 2022: This hike came amid mixed economic data, with strong population growth offset by concerns about the chinese economy.
  • 2.60% in October 2022: The RBA opted for a slightly more measured approach after a string of larger hikes, acknowledging the impact on borrowers and the housing market.
  • 2.35% in September 2022: This significant hike reflected the RBA’s urgency in addressing services price inflation, a key driver of overall inflation.
  • 1.85% in August 2022: This move maintained the momentum of the tightening cycle, with the RBA closely monitoring the impact on debt servicing costs for many Australians.
  • 1.60% in July 2022: Following another month of high inflation data, the RBA delivered a larger-than-expected hike, underscoring their commitment to price stability despite potential risks to economic growth.
  • 1.35% in June 2022: This bold move marked the largest single increase since 2000, sending shockwaves through financial markets and signaling a significant shift in the RBA’s monetary policy. It signaled their concern about rising inflation exceeding their target range and a proactive approach to bring it under control.
  • May 2022: The RBA kicked off the tightening cycle with a +0.25% increase to 0.35%, marking the first rate rise in 11 years. This decision, spurred by growing inflationary pressures, surprised many economists and sent a clear message about the bank’s commitment to price stability, even amid potential impacts on borrowers and the property market.

Understanding Interest Rates Decisions

  • The RBA has been diligently raising rates since May 2022 to combat inflation.
  • Recent decisions show a more cautious approach, balancing inflation control with economic stability.
  • The impact on mortgage holders, household consumption, and the broader australian economy remains a key focus.

The Future of Interest Rates in 2024

As we enter 2024, the RBA faces a delicate balancing act. While inflation remains a concern, rising interest rates have already started to cool the Australian economy.

To determine the pace of future rate hikes, the board will closely monitor key indicators like:

  • inflation data
  • economic growth
  • labor market conditions
  • consumer spending

This will have significant implications for various stakeholders, including mortgage holders, businesses, and the overall health of the Australian economy. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving story as the RBA navigates the challenges of achieving both price stability and sustainable economic growth.

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