Proptech Carpool – More Trains, More Buyers: Why Invest in the Hills District? ft.

July 5, 2019
On today’s episode of Proptech Carpool, Peter Pokorny from McGrath Real Estate talks about the Hills District and the growing opportunities it has to offer for investors.

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

Peter from McGrath in Castle Hill,
Thanks for joining PropTech Carpool with Soho - Thanks for having me.
Let's say I'm looking to invest in Castle Hill.
- Yep. - What's the benefits of Castle Hill?
Why do so many people come to Castle Hill to invest? - I think Castle Hill, like the whole Hills District
right over, it's a good family area, a good cross-section of property available
right from a good entry point, being apartments
and townhouses, and ranging all the way through to premium
prestige luxury properties. Plenty of amenities like schools
and shops, typically good transport.
I think probably the highlight moving forward is the new train line which is about to open.
So that's going to attract a lot of interest.
So just touching on the train line, I guess
How's that going to affect the market? Have you
already seen the market move a little bit?
Or how you feeling about that?
Yeah, exactly. So I think we saw the market really kick
when the train line started off a number of years ago
now, in terms of its construction, it sort of came by surprise at the time that was
actually happening. That brought a lot of investors
and confidence to the market.
And then, I think as we come up to the completion of that train line which is
only a matter of a couple of weeks away
now, I think initially it's going to bring a lot of excitement
and probably novelty to the area, using that train line.
But over time, I think it's going to change the dynamic of the area, in terms of that
Transport opportunity that it gives people to get around Sydney
and get into the city.
So I think a lot of demand, a lot of interest
And probably a new sector of buyers who typically are used to having a train line that
Haven't had that available in the Hills District before
And now will. - Yeah, sure.
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